How to download safe mode Windows? To resolve certain problems (for example, anti-virus) may need to boot the computer in Safe Mode.What is the safest mode of Windows?How to download safe mode? these questions answers Land of the Soviets.

Safe Mode - this is one of the options load Windows.At the same time the operating system is started in the "truncated form" with a limited set of tools: usually it takes to boot the system with a set of only basic files and drivers , needed to run Windows.

What may need to download safe mode?Most often, such a need arises, if you managed to "catch" a virus, trojan or rootkit .Malware blocking the normal operation of the computer, but if they are "entrenched" in those files that are not used in safe mode, there is a chance to get rid of them.Even safe mode can help identify and solve problems with hardware or software part of the PC .For example, if you installed a program or driver that impede the normal operation of the computer, booting into safe mode will help set up or remove problematic softwa


Also, you can ask the safe mode download your provider's technical support if there is a need to check the speed of the Internet on your computer.The fact that the low speed of the Internet can be caused by a problem with the provider, as well as problems with your hand (again viruses, improperly configured firewall, some programs).Booting into Safe Mode helps eliminate a number of problems with your hand , and speed tests and the results of the ping are more reliable.

Download Safe Mode is simple enough.First you need to remove all of their computer's CD- and DVD-drives (floppy disks, and, if you still use them) - they can put a normal startup.Then restart your computer.During startup, you need to press F8 , before logo appears Windows.It is best to press it several times or press and hold - just to be sure.

If the Windows logo still appeared - you missed the point.It is necessary to wait until the operating system is loaded, restart the computer and again press F8.And if you did everything correctly, a window appears select Safe Mode.Usually it invited to download in secure mode one of the three options :

  • safe mode;
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt;
  • Safe Mode with Networking.

can switch between variants can download using the arrow keys "up" and "down", after selecting the desired option, press Enter.

To combat the majority of virus you have enough load in the normal safe mode.If you need to check the speed of the Internet, you should choose Safe Mode with Networking - otherwise you will not work online.

But some viruses block loading in Safe Mode, the user can not find and remove the virus.If you download a safe mode does not work, try logging in Safe Mode with Command Prompt - this possibility only a few are able to block the virus.Command Line To start the Registry Editor, and "kill" the virus lurking in the registry.But if you do not understand in the register of Windows, you should try to bring it in original form on their own.

So you have chosen your desired type of security mode and clicked on Enter.Now you need to get tired of waiting to load the operating system.If your computer has multiple users created after the welcome screen appears select it to access your account.It is necessary to go under an account with administrative privileges , otherwise you will not succeed.

When Windows is loaded completely, do not worry: you will be greeted rather austere interface, reminiscent of a time when the latest version of the operating system was Windows 98 and even Windows 95. This is quite normal, because only download the main driver support "beautiful"in safe mode to anything.When you load a window pops up with a message informing you that the OS booted in safe mode. To continue, simply click OK .

As you can see, download Windows safe mode is not so difficult .We hope these tips will help you when you need to get rid of the virus, to cope with the "glitches" incorrectly installed software or to find a common language with the technical support provider.

How to download safe mode Windows?