Personalize Windows 7 among other useful features Windows 7 operating system has flexible settings appearance - it would seem a trifle, but it's nice that anyone can make the system "beautiful" and unlike any other.Today in the Soviet Union - personalization Windows 7 .

First Windows 7 personalization implies a change themes .Theme for your operating system includes:

  • desktop background;
  • window color;
  • set system sounds;
  • screen saver.

Personalization Windows 7 is notable because as Desktop Background lets you install more than one drawing, but several;these figures will change, as in the slideshow at intervals of a few seconds, minutes or hours.

To change or customize the theme to Windows 7 , you need to go to the Control Panel (Start - Control Panel), select the section Appearance and Personalization, and in it - Personalization section.And you can just right click on any empty space on the desktop and select Personalize.In the window, you can choose any topic of the proposed.To install it, simply click on one time

and close the window.

Personalize Windows 7

If you set the proposed schemes are not enough, you can download the theme from the official site Microsoft .To do this, click on the link, choose your favorite theme of the proposed, click on the download link under the theme, and the window that opens select Open.

personalization But Windows 7 is not limited to a simple choice of themes.You can change the basic elements the (for example, desktop wallpaper) of your choice.Personalization at the bottom you can see a list of items subject.Click on the link desktop background.A new window opens in which you can choose:

  • image or folder of images that will serve as a desktop background;
  • position of the image on the desktop;
  • frequency shift image (if more desktop backgrounds).

as image sources can be selected from drop-down menu folder standard backgrounds desktop Windows, the library of images, the most popular, or any folder on your computer (using the Browse button).Lovers of minimalism can choose a solid color fill.If you want to separate the images are not used as a background, just remove the check mark next to them.You can also use the Select All and Clear All.

Possible image several provisions: Filling, Fit, Stretch, Tile and center.They are selected from the drop down list below. Time also change the image selected from the list in the range of ten seconds to days.If you want images alternated in random order, check the appropriate checkbox.Finished customize background image, click on the Save Changes button.

Personalize Windows 7

personalizing Windows 7 also allows you to change the border color windows programs , taskbar and Start menu.The color of the window can be selected in the range from sky-blue to chocolate, all offered in 16 colors.You can enable or disable the transparency of the window borders, change the intensity, hue, saturation and brightness of color (the last three parameters appear when you click on an ice show color settings).Do not forget to press the button Save changes.

Personalize Windows 7

personalizing Windows 7 also lets you change the sound scheme theme and screen saver .Sound scheme, you can choose from a list of proposed (by the way, the system sounds in Windows 7 is enough melodic) or create yourself selecting from a list of every sound.Screensaver is also possible to choose from the standard list, configure the screen saver (if any, time of occurrence saver after the start of computer inactivity. It is possible to view the screen.

Personalize Windows 7 Personalize Windows 7

When you change the theme settings, it appears at the top of the window Personalization inMy Content category called Unsaved theme. To save it , click on the right mouse button, select the Save theme, enter the name of the topic and click the Save button.

As you can see, the personalization of Windows 7 allows you to flexibly customize the appearance of the systembecause in addition to the options described there is also the possibility of changing the desktop icons, and the appearance of the mouse. However, it is worth considering that all of these features fully implemented in versions of Windows 7 from Windows 7 Home Premium and above. Personalization Windows 7 Starter users available and Windows 7 Home Basic is initially present only the basic design theme.

Personalize Windows 7