Gadgets Windows 7 desktop One of the most interesting and convenient "chips" of the operating system Windows 7 - is a gadget for your desktop.They are mini-applications that perform a variety of functions - from the display of exchange rates to read RSS-feeds.How to install and configure desktop gadgets Windows 7 ?

Each gadget is mini-program that displays on the desktop a variety of information .There are gadgets purely informative - they inform the user of the computer (CPU, network traffic, etc.), weather conditions in different cities, traffic jams on the streets, etc.And there are desktop gadgets Windows 7, except that the information and perform other functions.This is a different game, translators, applications to work with popular sites (Facebook, Twitter, Classmates, email sites and search engines, etc.), online radio and many others.

How to install the gadget? To do this, right click anywhere on the desktop and in the context menu select the "Gadgets".Opens with a collection of gadgets.Initially, they set quite aust

ere: Gadget Windows Media Center, the exchange rate, a puzzle game, a gadget for reading RSS, processor load indicator, calendar, weather, clock and slideshow.If you click on the gadget one time, and then click on the words "Show details" displays a brief description of the gadget.To install the gadget, enough to double click on the selected gadget.

If the standard set are not enough, you can download desktop gadgets Windows 7 .To do this, click on the link "Find gadgets online" at the bottom of the window with gadgets.Your browser will open a page with a set of gadgets on the official site Microsoft Windows - there is plenty of variety.Select the gadget, then click on "Download."Page opens with a description of the gadget.Click on the "Download" button in the window and select "Open in ...", then press the OK button, then - "Install".The gadget appears on your desktop.

Basically, desktop gadgets Windows 7 can be downloaded not only from the official website, but also from other sites.However you do so at your own risk and are responsible for the possible consequences .To remove a gadget downloaded, open the gallery, click on the right mouse button and select "Delete."

desktop gadgets Windows 7, you can move .To do this, just drag it with the cursor, hold the left mouse button.To configure the gadget , click the right button.In the context menu of every gadget there are some points:

  • Add Gadget .It opens the already-familiar window with a collection of gadgets.
  • Move .Equivalent to move with the mouse.
  • size .Usually you can choose between small and large scale, not available for all gadgets.
  • on Top .Places a gadget on top of all open windows.
  • Opacity .You can choose the degree of opacity of a gadget - from 20 to 100%.If the value is less than 100% opacity would be translucent gadget in an inactive state, and non-transparent - when you hover the cursor over it.
  • Options .Set gadget settings (for each - his own, for some gadgets options are not available).
  • Close gadget .The gadget is removed from the desktop.

If you do not want the gadgets displayed at a time, right-click on the desktop and in the "View" menu option to uncheck "Show desktop gadgets." Gadgets will not be seen , but the desktop is removed.To restore them, simply tick again.

When the gadget is worth considering some nuances.Firstly, desktop gadgets Windows, built only for 32-bit versions of the operating system, will not work in 64-bit versions .Secondly, for some gadgets (weather, currency exchange rates, online radio, traffic, etc.) must be Internet connection - without it they will not show up to date information.

Gadgets Windows 7 desktop