How to disable the Windows 7 upgrade? developers are constantly working on improving the operating system Windows 7, so from time to time need download and install updates to the OS.The system does it itself automatically, but some users do not like it. How to disable Windows 7 upgrade ?

Disabling updates may be required in different cases .For example, you still are not unlimited internet, and you need to pay for each megabyte - then upgrade the operating system can fly a lot of money.Or the Internet is too slow, and updating the clock swing.Finally, you, for whatever reason, we have to use the mobile Internet, and install updates will both slow and expensive.Or a permanent installation of updates (especially if it is accompanied by the need to reboot) you simply annoying.In all these cases it is useful to know how to disable the update Windows 7.

is done in the Control Panel.To access it, click Start, and in the menu that appears, select Control Panel.In the Control Panel, you will need the item Update Windows .

In the window that not

e on the menu on the left.You need to click the Settings item. Here you can select the type of download important updates .Automatically select the recommended option - automatic installation.For him, the selected periodicity download and install updates (frequency and time of day).If you just tired of the daily download updates, you may not even have to disable the update at all - just select parameters in any one day of the week to automatically install updates.

There are two alternatives to the fully automatic installation of updates .In the first case, the updates will be downloaded, but you will decide to install them or not.In the second case, the operating system will search for updates and notify you of their presence, if any, and the decision on downloading and installing the update will still accept you.Maybe you fit one of these methods as an alternative to a full shutdown updates.

But if you still absolutely must disable Windows 7 upgrade, choose the last item - « Never check for updates ».To disable automatic updates, concerned not only important, but also the recommended updates, tick the item "Receive recommended updates the same way as the important updates."

You can also allow or disallow other users to install updates (except Administrator), and configure the software updates Microsoft, placing or removing a checkmark in the corresponding items. finished tuning, press the OK button .

There is another way to disable Windows 7 upgrade .You need to right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select the shortcut menu, click Manage.A window entitled Computer Management.On the left side of the window, click on the triangle next to the line services and applications.This opens an additional list in which you need to click once on the left mouse button on the line services.

Then in the right pane, you should see a list of operating system services.You need to find a service entitled Update of Windows, and double-click on the left mouse button.Service Properties window opens. To disable updates needed in the line Startup type select Disabled .Then, in the status bar, click the Stop button.Then, at the bottom of the window, click Apply, and then - OK.To re-enable the service to you, accordingly, need to select the initial startup type, click on the Start button, and then - Apply and OK.

As you can see, disable annoying automatic update of Windows 7 is not too difficult. But unless absolutely necessary, it is better not to do - these updates are necessary for stable operation of the system.

How to disable the Windows 7 upgrade?