Can not delete file. Surely you come across a situation where a computer can not delete a file : window pops up with a warning error, and the file remains quietly in its old place.How to delete a file that is not removed?

most often not possible to delete the file because it is open in any program: usually block ope6ratsii application files, open them at the moment.For example, you want to delete a text document open in Microsoft Word.Or you watched the movie and after watching decided to remove it, but do not shut down the media player.In this case, you need to close the appropriate application and try again to send the file to the Trash .

If even then you can not delete a file, it is possible that associated with the application processes are still left in the computer's memory : App seems to be closed, but the system does not consider it as such.There are two options: either to "kill" the appropriate process through the Task Manager, or simply reboot.If you do not know what the Task Manager, or guess about this very v

aguely, it is better to resort to reboot.

Sometimes the cause of the inability to properly remove the file name may be incorrect (use of invalid characters in the name).This happens infrequently (usually the system simply will not give you "wrong" name the file), but it happens.This can happen as a result of failure of the program in which you open / edit a file, or when you unpack the archive.Try to rename the file , maybe then you'll have to delete does not delete files.

If the previous methods proved ineffective, can help delete the file in safe mode .To boot in safe mode, you must restart the computer and reboot until the logo Windows, press F8 (just to be sure better press and hold).In the boot menu, select "Safe Mode" and press Enter.After the operating system to remove "stubborn" file.An alternative to start in safe mode can also be boot from LiveCD (disk operating system).

But it so happens that even in safe mode or boot from the disc still can not delete the file.What to do?To remove the most "unruly" files, you can use special utilities .One the most famous of these programs - it Unlocker .This free utility will unlock the files used by system processes, so they can be safely deleted, moved or renamed.

The program works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.She integrates into the context menu each element of the operating system (labels, files, folders, and so on.), So it does not even need to specifically run to delete the file.Utility Available in 40 languages, including Russian.

To delete a file using Ulocker, download the tool from the official website of the program (you can choose 32-bit or 64-bit and Portable-version) and install it.Now, in the context menu that appears when you right-click the mouse on the object to appear point Unlocker (64-bit version of it can be sub-paragraph X64).

If you can not delete the file, click the right mouse button and select Unlocker .Opens with a list of the processes that block access to the file.Select the action you want to perform with the object (delete, rename, copy or move) and the process (to remove, unlock, unlock all processes).Sometimes, for the final disposal of the file using Unlocker may have to restart your computer.

As you can see, there are several ways to delete a file that is not removed, and at least one of them must necessarily work.By the way, sometimes the file is not allowed to remove the viruses in the system, so it will not prevent further scan your computer with antivirus software .The worst of it will not be exact.

Can not delete file.