Which operating system is best for a netbook? Netbooks are very popular due to their lightness and compactness.Of course, the power they yield high-grade computers and laptops, but the owners of netbooks is not upset, because to buy such "Baby" mainly for surfing the internet.But because of the technical characteristics of a netbook can be installed any OS.What operating system for netbooks can you go?

deciding which operating system for a netbook you prefer, you need to consider several factors. first - the price .There OS paid, there are free.Are you ready to shell out the extra money for the distribution of the operating system?Very important resource intensity of : netbooks have a smaller storage capacity and RAM, so the system must use resources efficiently.Besides, system must be adapted to the "stuffing" netbook .

Of course, the most famous and common operating at the moment - it Microsoft Windows .Special versions of the operating system for netbooks, Microsoft did not release, so you have to put on a netbook Windows XP or one of the "

junior" version of Windows 7. Usually netbooks give easy Windows 7 Starter , but its functionality is very gutted. Pros Windows - its familiarity, as well as the fact that it supports almost any hardware.In addition, some programs only work on Windows.Cons - its price, and economical with respect to the resources to call it difficult.

why many believe that the best operating system for the laptop - is Linux, it is free and consumes fewer resources.But the snag is that Linux - is the generic name for a variety of free operating systems, so the question remains: you have to choose from a large number of distributions. Which Linux distributions may be advisable to install on a netbook?

Perhaps the most common operating system for a netbook from a family of Linux - is Ubuntu Netbook Edition .In general, his acquaintance with many Linux begins with Ubuntu - the system is the most friendly to users.She quickly set is loaded and running, and the user interface does not have to put you in confusion.But recently

distribution Unbuntu Netbook Edition has ceased to exist.The fact that the 10.10 version of the distribution was first used shell Unity, which makes better use of the small screen netbook.The developers decided to use the Unity and in the distribution for desktop - Ubuntu Desktop Edition 11.04, so both versions - for PCs and netbooks - have decided to join.But the idea now Ubuntu Desktop Edition, and must be suitable for netbooks .

Pretty young operating system for netbooks - a Moblin .This distribution was originally developed by Intel specifically for netbooks equipped with a processor Intel Atom.The main complaints against this "axis" was her nedorabotannost.Therefore platform Moblin after referral to the Linux Foundation was transformed into a new project - MeeGo.

platform MeeGo combines the achievements of projects by developers of Nokia and Intel, as well as several Linux projects.Its development has involved many companies producing netbooks, laptops and mobile devices.OS, this is quite young, so if you are afraid to experiment, it is necessary to wait a bit.

other Linux systems installed on netbooks - is Jolicloud, Linux Mint, gOS, Xandros.Xandros system was developed specifically for notubukov ASUS Eee PC and adapted especially for them.Especially popular this OS for obvious reasons, do not use, but if you offer a laptop with pre-installed already - why not try it, the more that pay extra for it is not necessary.

Linux Mint not designed specifically for netbooks, but this distribution is easy enough, so many put it on a netbook.The system is very similar to Linux Mint on Ubuntu, differing only in the interface (it remained clear and simple) and some of their own applications.It is popular because of its simplicity and the fact that after you install it, you can work directly without downloading additional software or codecs.

gOS OS is based on Ubuntu distribution and "sharpened" mainly for applications from Google or MySpace, but its interface is somewhat reminiscent of Mas OS X. well it its orientation toward Web, because the main task of the netbook - the Internet,but since it was not designed specifically for netbooks, there can be problems with the operation of some equipment for this system.

Jolicloud based on Ubuntu, but to work with Web applications use Google Chrome OS.Advantages of the system is that it supports all models of netbooks, desktops and laptops.Moreover, it focuses mainly on netbooks and older computers.

As you can see, it is difficult to tell which operating system is best for a netbook. choice is very wide, there are advantages and disadvantages of all systems, so the question is primarily in the personal preferences .

Which operating system is best for a netbook?