Zverev explained why for the first time refused to Christmas corporate

Glamorous star now does not seek to carry out a festive New Year's Eve at corporate parties - Sergei Zverev recognizes that recently began to appreciate his family and hopes that the New Year 2015 will hold the house together with his family and friends.

Over the years, shocking stylist and singer did not even imagine that someday celebrate everyone's favorite winter holiday with your family.For many years, Sergey met only on New Year corporate parties and secular parties.Now the star is planning to invite all close friends, relatives and guests and to please my family delicious dishes."The year will always be beautiful if a good New Year's Eve.And it is very important that the table was rich and food - varied and tasty, "- said Zverev.

actor also added that he was entirely on corporate and refused until the New Year he has a lot of work.Despite the fact that the price for speaking out at this time are different from the former, it does not bother Zvereva - on the contrary, Sergei gave advice to his

colleagues not to pursue Now for a big fee, but instead better to do charitable deeds.