Christmas cat costume On New Year's party theme should never appear in plain clothes.Everyone should go to a certain suit.It is better to think in advance what you want to do costume for yourself or your child.Country Councils offers you sew Christmas cat costume .

Cats - graceful and independent animals.No wonder that many people want to dress up on New Year's party is this animal .Costumes cats are perfect for both adults to children.For a boy can make a suit cat.Let your child come to the New Year's celebration in costume of Puss in Boots!Girls can do the costumes of different styles and colors.We give some ideas how to make your hands a cat costume.

cat costume for girls

offer you make New Year's cat costume for girls, which will consist of three parts: pants, dress and ears .Colour for a suit can choose any: red, white, gray or black.Depending on the growth of your child make a suitable pattern pants and short dresses.If you are not sure of the correct proportions patterns, can be used as a template baby pajamas.

When dress and panties for Christmas costumes are ready, they should sheathe fur .Fur can take a contrasting color or appropriate.Excellent combination of black and red suit with white fur.Obsheyte leg, sleeve dresses, skirts and fur neck.At the waist can also sew belt fur.Make fur tail to be sewn to the pants.

cat suit can not be considered complete without ears .The easiest way to carve out a piece of fur ears and insert them in a rigid framework that they keep the shape.Attach the finished ears on the rim.Christmas cat costume for girls is ready!

female cat costume

Now tell, how to make a cat costume for adults .To make a good cat costume, we advise you to use Lycra.Since this material is hard enough to work, but the effort worthwhile.Christmas cat costume is best to sew as a jumpsuit.Use any patterns that you can find.To suit turned a short-cut and well-sat for you, overalls should be trained to turn inside out and put it in this way.You need an assistant who can fit all seams on the figure.Only then can stitch suit.At the back of the product is inserted into a secret lock.

Christmas cat costume should sheathe fur. The material can be taken as natural and artificial fur .On the hand, you can sew, or gloves, or shaggy cuffs.If you chose the gloves, they should be cut off fingers.This way you can simulate the claws of a cat.On the legs should also make jewelery their fur.Tail be made cylindrical and conical.To the tail beautifully rocked from side to side, it can be heavier, in a crummy little weight on its tip.Complete your costume cute ears.They can be made sufficiently small.In this case, the ears will not keep perfectly invisible.

If desired, you can simulate on cat costume color animal.Spots or stripes can be painted using acrylic fabric.Lycra for perfect pearl paint.Put on your suit and ask someone to draw spots or stripes on your suit.Also with the help of paint you can paint breast on a suit.If you use paint the costume, you get a beautiful shimmering color.

similar carnival cat costume can sew and child .In this case, you can choose a variety of bright colors of the fabric.Diversify costume accents of bright fur.You and your child will be the most beautiful cats at the party!

Christmas cat costume Christmas cat costume