How to celebrate New Year inexpe<div><center>
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</center></div>nsive? New Year is getting closer, so if you have not yet decided where and how it will meet - it's time to take care of the matter.But what if your finances are limited and the prospect of being left without a memorable celebration you well, not happy?Land of the Soviets will tell you where and how to celebrate New Year inexpensive .

Generally, many people mistakenly believe that the more money was invested in the celebration, the merrier one should be.That's just the reality often goes contrary party at an expensive restaurant pathos is unbearably boring and low-budget holiday in a student dormitory remembered for a lifetime.So it's not about money .

Of course, much depends also on, what you mean by "cheapĀ» , because someone simply wants to save money on the celebration of a certain sum, and someone in the pockets of the wind whistling, and money to celebrate well, just barely enough.So we start with the low-budget options, and will move to a more expensive.

So, how and where to celebrate New Year inexpensive?If you are not afraid to freeze, dress warmly and go out !You can stay in the yard, build a snowman and drive around dance.And you can go to the main square of the city - there is sure to be a lot of people.Most New Year's Eve on the Square tied acquaintance, which then develop into a good friendship, and even love.Please note only that, meeting the New Year on the street, it is best not to warm alcohol, and tea or coffee from a thermos prepared beforehand.Drink better at home, warm.

If you do not like crowds, go to the less crowded places.In any city there is probably a couple of beautiful places in the New Year's Eve will not be crowds.It can be an ice rink, promenade, gazebo in the park ... Well, if New Year's Eve will be snow: can play snowballs, make snowmen, and ride with .In general, remember childhood.

you want to celebrate New Year inexpensive or original? Meet him ... in the subway! usually on New Year's night the metro runs longer than usual, so that those who met the New Year in the city square, could then went home.So buy zhetonchiki, champagne, glasses and celebrate the New Year in a subway car.You might even meet like-minded people in the subway.

Another option malobyuzhdetnoy New Year - a high-rise building roof .Just imagine: a feeling that New Year's Eve the whole world at your feet.Dress, again, preferably warmer, you can even bring a warm blanket to wrap himself in it.And instead of drinking champagne better warm mulled wine from a thermos.

Thrill seekers can not celebrate the New Year on the roof, and the path to it in the elevator.The scheme is very simple: five minutes to twelve, take the elevator and push the button "Stop", and twelve open champagne and celebrate the New Year in an elevator !You can press the call button on the controller and congratulate him - he probably bored on duty in the festive night.

A New Year's Eve, you can circumvent friends dressed as Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden : you are giving them a festive mood, you are treated to a glass tray and salads.So for the night and you can have fun and eat.Just do not take time off, cheerful guests, and then quickly see through what you just came to eat for free.

If wanting to celebrate New Year inexpensive, you do not mean low-budget holiday "in the student" style, and the opportunity to save on holiday, here, too, there are several options.You can find a budget restaurant, club or cottage holiday.But it is worth to take care of in advance: many institutions sooner you place an order, the cheaper it costs , so you can save a good amount.And if the recreation prefer someone cottage and see the New Year in nature, you can save even more.

If you are going to celebrate New Year abroad, you can save well, buying a "burning" permit .But it is suitable for those who are not obsessed with planning and ready to break at the last moment.Better to choose the country that do not require a visa, it will help to save a considerable amount.Of course, some risk is still there: suitable voucher may not be rolled up.

As you can see, to celebrate New Year inexpensive, but it is quite possible to have fun. main thing - not the amount of money invested in the celebration, and the company and the spirit .

How to celebrate New Year inexpensive?