New Year In recent years, many people prefer to celebrate the New Year abroad.Someone is going to warmer climes to enjoy the sea and the beach, but many in the New Year holidays are sent to Europe, where it reigns the unique Christmas atmosphere.Why, for instance, does not meet New Year in Austria ?

Between Christmas and New Year holidays Austria is very beautiful.A few weeks before Christmas, the city transformed: people decorate their Christmas trees with toys, Christmas illuminations, everywhere can hear holiday music.New Austria is similar to a real winter wonderland .

Deciding to celebrate New Year in Austria, sure to visit the nation's capital - Vienna .In the pre-holiday on the area of ​​Frederick Schmidt Christmas Fair takes place at the town hall.There you can admire the largest tree of the country, have a fragrant and hot mulled wine or punch, eat sweets and buy souvenirs for friends and relatives.Traditional Austrian Christmas gifts that bring happiness - is made of glass, porcelain or clay figur

ines of the chimney sweep, a pig or a four-leaf clover.And in the town hall on weekends singing choirs from different countries, the entrance for tourists is free.

in festive time is the opening of the season famous Viennese balls at the Hofburg Palace .And on December 31 and January 1, you can visit the traditional concerts, which gives Vienna Philharmonic .However, if you are not bothered about the tickets in advance for a concert you will not fall.The Vienna Philharmonic is accepting applications for tickets only 2 January in the year ahead.But maybe you will just be in Vienna on January 2 will order a ticket, and you will have reason to celebrate the New Year in Austria again!

Also December 31 in the People's Opera and the State Opera traditionally give the famous operetta « Bat » Johann Strauss.Every resident of Vienna aims to at least once in their life to visit this New Year performance.But the tickets again, you need to buy in advance, at least for a few months or even a year, and they are not cheap.

New Year's Eve celebration center in Vienna becomes Stephansplatz , located in the inner city.The New Year at midnight bell herald New Pummerin , suspended in the north tower of the Cathedral of St. Stephen .It is the second largest bell in Europe, it rings only 11 times a year, including New Year's Eve.

Also you can visit Vienna and Salzburg , birthplace of Mozart.In this city you can visit the whole two Christmas markets.Older Fair takes place on the Cathedral Square in the center of Salzburg .A newer - the river on Mirabell Square .Two fairs in Salzburg, because in the days of the Nazis were trying to move the fair from the center of the city across the river.As a result, we revived the old fair, and decided not to remove the new.

Tired of festive bustle of the city, you can go to one of ski resorts , which is famous for Austria (in the country of more than 800!).Then New Year's in Austria exactly you will remember for a long time!Austrian resorts are popular not only because of its excellent facilities, but also thanks to reasonable prices (by European standards).

By the way, besides the actual ski slopes alpine resorts in Austria can boast mineral and thermal springs ;so that the New Year in Austria can be found not only in the ski resort, but also on the spas.Most hotels Austrian resorts and leisure available thermal spa treatments so that you will not only celebrate the New Year, but also to improve health.

In Austria and resorts, youth-oriented .For this they were called "winter Ibiza."In addition to the ski slopes attract young bars, clubs and discos.During the day there you can ski and breathe crystal clean and fresh mountain air, and at night - to break away on the dance floor.

Do not forget to celebrate the New Year in Austria, you will need a Schengen visa .To get to Austria is easier than in many other countries: the extensive network of ski resorts in the country as many as six international airports (in Salzburg, Vienna, Innsbruck, Klagenfute, Graz and Linz).So you can choose the most suitable location for the airport.

If you want to celebrate New Year in Austria, the tour must be booked already now: during the Christmas holidays in Austria goes by many tourists.So hurry up. Merry holidays to you!

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