Valery long criticized the New Year

At the recent finals of the competition "Russian woman" visited the famous singer Valeria, which is a break between filming shared her opinion with respect to the New Year celebration.It turned out that the actress did not support many of the usual festive feast.

The contest "Women of Russia" was attended mostly by married women who have children - that was the main condition for the event.While the finalists were preparing to leave, the journalists talked to Valeria - singer also participated in the contest and sang a duet with the participants.

«In my opinion, whatever the occasion - not an excuse to overeat, and especially at night, - the pop star - and I'm more for the winter holidays to move more, to dance to good music, play with the kidsInterest in outdoor games and competitions.Quite often that many people are lacking in ordinary days, and move always helpful and pleasant.But overeating and drinking alcohol - I do not understand!You can only drink a little champagne, but no more. "Joseph Pri

gogine, Valerie's husband, jokingly added: "I can not even argue - in the family we have a full matriarchy."