Not loaded Windows 7: What to do you come to study or work, we decided to check out the new messages in your email inbox and social networks, including a computer with the latest version of its operating system Windows, but for some reason, refused to properly run OS.What if not boot Windows 7 ?

reasons why Windows 7 is not loaded, can be mass , ranging from problems with installed software and finishing equipment malfunction.Usually, if the fault some of the details of the computer, it can be heard even in the initial testing of computer components.

Certainly when you boot up your computer, you hear a short beep, coming not from the speakers but from the internal speaker in the system unit.This signal indicates that all components of the computer are correct. If there is no signal or if the signal is longer or more, there is a fault of one of the components .So you have not loaded Windows 7. That means it is certain signals when loading, you can read in our article.

But what if, according to the signal from the "stuffing" of the co

mputer everything is fine, and the operating system still does not boot? If you have two hard drives, possibly lost the boot order in BIOS : the first in the queue is not the boot drive on which the system is installed.Naturally, the system can not boot.To test this conjecture, we must boot the computer to go into the BIOS and check your download queue (how to do it, it should be written in the manual of your motherboard) and if necessary, change it.

If in first place in the download queue is the correct drive, remember, not put you any new program, you do not connect any new devices .Perhaps the problem is in them (especially if before the operating system is loaded properly, and immediately after installation and went failures).What to do in such a case?

Try the next time you start your computer go into safe mode.If you do it, first check the startup and clean out all the unnecessary programs.If you recently installed some software or hardware, and think that the problem is in them, try in safe mode to uninstall or disable the equipment and remove the appropriate driver .It does not interfere in safe mode, check your computer for viruses, one of the anti-virus utilities.

If you have Windows 7 does not boot even in safe mode, try to find the installation disk with the operating system - it is useful to you. Most likely, the problem is damage to MBR (Master Boot Record - MBR) , installation disc will restore the MBR and thus the normal operating system.

Insert the CD installation disc or system recovery for Windows 7 and boot from a disk (usually to boot from the disk you have to press a certain key at boot time or to set the boot priority in the BIOS).If you boot from the disk, you will be prompted to select a language, do this, and then the list of proposed options, select Restore.

some time will have to wait for the computer to gather information on installed systems and offer you a list of possible systems for the recovery.You need to choose the appropriate setting Windows. You may be asked to automatically fix the system .Why not try out - can help.If the automatic fix does not want to try, you just need to select "No".

next step will restore the system settings window.You can start with the option Startup Repair - start the recovery in the automatic mode. It is also possible to restore MBR manually .To do this, select the command prompt and type in the following command line:

  • bootrec.exe / fixmbr
  • bootrec.exe / fixboot

first command will restore MBR (in some cases this is quite enough), the second - bootsector of the system partition of the hard drive and boot configuration data .After completing the recovery, then restart the computer without the boot disk in the drive.

As you can see, the reasons why not boot Windows 7, there are a few, and therefore solutions to this problem may be different.The "running" cases, you may need to reinstall the system, but can usually solve the problem by other means .

Not loaded Windows 7: What to do