How to survive the betrayal of her husband? Treason husband will always be a heavy blow to his second half.Psychologists have many answers why men do so.But that's only how to survive her husband's infidelity ?

First, let's look into the fact of treason.It's worth noting that a one-time event treason "foolishness" or "could not resist", can not be compared with regular campaigns of her husband left.If it's the latter, then all should be thinking: and whether you need a man ?

So it turns out that many women suffer permanent treason because of the children.And it's really very difficult and humiliating - to live with a man who treats his wife as something due.And if he still loves another ...

If this is a one-time event , and a woman accidentally learns about it, or she becomes an unwitting witness to the pain of knowing that she lied, slowly crazy.Always start spinning in my head thought: "What did I do wrong?", "Why did it happen?", "Why?" And so on. D. How to survive the betrayal of her husband, if all what you believe, collapses in an inst


There is a woman thinking: exactly what she wants .After all, if she does not want to know this man, then it will be better to get a divorce.But if the love for her husband is stronger, it is worth considering what can be done in this situation and how to cope with stress.

There are five steps , who will explain how to survive her husband's infidelity, and help keep the family together.

Step One : step back .If you now know that her husband is cheating on you, or yourself caught him with another step back from the situation.At this stage, undesirable scandals, tears and reproaches.They will only aggravate the situation.

If possible, move in with girlfriend .If this is not possible, then just cut off from her husband, create a private space , in which he will not be present, and he will not be able to interfere .Pretend it does not exist.The main thing is that this should be taken up - that's what your husband at the moment is alone with himself, and you have deprived him of his constant care of him.Remember that within 7 days, he feels that he you are sorely lacking.

Step Two : splash out emotions .When you have dissociated ourselves from her husband, and he can not see you, you can cry, scream, beat the dishes, complain.The well-known fact that women cope with stress and problems, vyplakivaya them to someone else.So weep person who can understand and support you.

Do not ever think about her husband's infidelity.Walk around the city , walk in the park , enjoy a shopping .Buy yourself something of what has long dreamed of, but could not afford.Spend your time and money only on themselves.Enjoy life and freedom!

Step Three : true .You have to cope with emotions and firmly realized her husband's infidelity?Now let's face and ask myself: why it happened and whether you want to continue to be with him.It may be that you have become a favorite of women and charming cook and nurse children, so my husband changed.Then it's time to change and you.In any case, it is worth considering what exactly has changed over the years you own marriage.Return former self.

Please note that it is not necessary to change her husband in retaliation for his actions.After all, you will make the same vile act and put her husband in the same position.

Step Four : negotiations .You have decided to return to his family, and now it's time to sit down with her husband at a round table and start negotiations.Discuss the situation , ask why it happened .If you are very very hard to hear it and ask, can attract a psychologist.

Do not forget that you also should keep the brand.Present yourselves before her husband a new woman, the one in which he fell in love.Take makeup and hair, put on a new item.Show him that you are beautiful and worthy of love.

Step Five : start over .Whatever it may sound paradoxical, but after the betrayal many couples rediscovering love and relationships in marriage .Moreover, change can bring together the very spouses.So find the strength to begin to build a new life.After all, you know that in fact your husband has always loved and will love you.

How to survive the betrayal of her husband?