How to clean gold at home?

Gold jewelry has always attracted and lured primarily by its unique brilliance. Pure gold does not tarnish , but may be contaminated by fatty secretions of the skin which then sticks to the dust and all this largely spoil the view of gold jewelry . But, fortunately for gold is easy to care . We just need to have a basic knowledge of how to clean the gold in the home and follow a few simple steps to quickly restore the original appearance of your jewelry .

As we know from the school chemistry course, gold is an inert chemical element, which is formed on the surface of a very thin and uniform oxide film. It is because of this unique property and it became known as the precious metal that emits attractive golden sheen. But it does have one very significant drawback. It is very soft. Therefore, in jewelry it is used not in its pure form, and making it the basis for a variety of alloys with other metals that achieve acceptable durability. Due to the oxidation of these metals and gold may fade. It will be manife
sted more strongly than lower sample of gold products, which means a lower gold content in the alloy and other metals higher. For the most popular 583 sample it means that in one gram of the alloy from which to make jewelry, contains 58.3% pure gold, and the rest is copper and silver to give gold a variety of colors.
How to clean gold at home.
Depending on the degree and nature of contamination cleaning can be carried out in three stages.

First step.
Soak followed by washing with soapy water or shampoo. Pour into a small bowl suitable dishes 50-70 ml of shampoo. "Soak a couple of hours in shampoos jewelry that you want to clean. Then remove them and rub with a soft toothbrush, eyebrow brush or any other suitable brush to remove dirt from hard to reach places. Rinse them in warm clean water to remove any residual dirt and shampoos with ornaments. If you are going to wash in running water, do not forget to close the mouth of the drain to your decorations do not fall into the sewer pipe. After rinsing to remove residual moisture with a soft chamois cloth and let them dosohnut awhile.

How to clean gold at home?
The second stage.
It lies in the chemical cleaning gold jewelry . For him, you will need to ammonia solution , which you can buy at the pharmacy. Pour the solution into a suitable container and dip it in gold jewelry for 1-2 hours. The ammonia will react with the oxides of copper and silver, and converts them into ammoniates , readily water-soluble compounds .
Despite the fact that the ammonia is directly gold is not valid , this method should not be used frequently. Ammonia vapors have a pungent odor , irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory system and skin upon contact . Also it is contraindicated in platinum jewelry , as ammonia can cause darkening it .

The third stage.
If the result of the use of previous methods you do not like that you need a mechanical cleaning jewelry abrasives . For this there are special paste. But the most affordable abrasive substance for most users will be toothpaste. Apply a small amount of a toothbrush and paste will start to process its surface decoration , trying to make multi-directional movement on a single line. Slowly go through all the surface and wash residue with clean water.
Do not clean the tooth powder made of white gold, because you can scratch its constituent rhodium.

Jewelry with stones glued can not be soaked in water.

Additional tips:
  • Do not clean the brush with stiff bristles, so it may scratch the surface;
  • store gold jewelry separately from other to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid contact with gold items household cleaning products, as for instance bleach can leave stains on them, which are very difficult to remove;
  • remove the jewelry before swimming, as chlorine bleaches gold;
  • Gold is a soft metal, and you need to be careful not to leave it unnecessary scratches, or do not deform them.

As you can see pure gold at home is not difficult.