Program MBA: why is it necessary? Increasingly, the requirements for applicants and the applicants themselves in the abstract can be found mysterious abbreviation MBA.These three letters are considered a pass to the world of big business.Let's try to understand, that a MBA program and why it is needed .

MBA - an abbreviation of the English Master of Business Administration .In the Russian language is a word often translated as «MBA» , a little less - as the "Master of Economic Management" or "Master of Business Administration".Actually, the MBA program and is designed for the preparation of such masters - experts in business management.

Universities to teach lawyers and economists, programmers and doctors. Where are taught to managers? directors, officers, middle managers and senior managers?Nowhere.In high school, you can get a degree in Accounting, but not a diploma director.Becoming chief, a person has to learn to manage people, manage workflow - often from scratch, and the cost of many mistakes.Avoid these mistakes and allows the

program MBA.

MBA program was created in order to remedy the lack of qualified leaders , versed in all the intricacies of human resource management and business management.That is, if you work for a subordinate position and do not plan on careers, the program MBA - not for you.It is necessary for those who already got a leadership position or seriously aiming at her.

Program MBA - is not an alternative to higher education, as an important complement to it .An MBA degree is no substitute for a higher education diploma, but only will be an additional proof of your professionalism.To obtain a master's degree in Business Administration, you must first obtain specialized higher education (economic, legal, technical - does not matter), solid experience and move up the career ladder.Only then it will really make sense to a degree MBA.

MBA degree can be obtained in special educational institution - Business School .These schools are often created at universities.Different schools have different levels of prestige.Such world famous publications like Financial Times, US News and Business Week publish annual rankings of the world's top business schools.Business schools that allow to obtain a degree MBA, there are many major cities of the CIS.To avoid fraud, make sure you choose the school is accredited - for example, AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS.

Other MBA programs are designed for students with different goals and levels of knowledge and experience .So, Mini MBA - a kind of "emergency" program, during which participants are taught the most important issues of business.And the Executive MBA is designed for experienced senior managers.The MBA program may be full-time (full time - with a separation from work) that combine with the main work (part time) and distance (distance learning).Depending on the program, and your level of training of the learning process can take anywhere from two to five years.

However, participants in the program, and employers are requiring employees to the MBA degree is often forgotten that program MBA - not a panacea .It is designed for a certain circle of people, for middle and senior managers, others just do not need it.Unfortunately, the priority of "scabs" to knowledge and experience is firmly rooted in the minds of many businessmen.Master's degree in Business Administration require even from those whose work is completely unrelated to business management.Because the MBA - it is fashionable and prestigious.

So, MBA program may be necessary to you, if you :

  • plan to take a position of leadership or have taken it, but I think that you do not interfere with additional knowledge for successful business
  • are a company focused on cooperationwith foreign partners and customers - after all MBA program more "sharpened" under Western management style

Deciding to earn a degree MBA, clearly define the purpose .Why do you need this degree?What knowledge and skills you expect to get?How do you plan to use them in future work, so they were not for you "dead weight"?Revise the objective to select a credible business school and a suitable form of education.And remember - no perseverance and self-discipline you will never become a qualified teacher.

Program MBA: why is it necessary?