Self-management The business area uses a great number of concepts with the word "management": stress management, time management, self-management ... That is the last we want to talk. What is self-management and how it can be useful in their professional activities?

In English management - control.It turns out that samomenezhdment - is the management itself.This term is used in different spheres of human activity, but we are currently interested in the business area.In business, education and psychology self-management - a method, skills and strategies by which a person can effectively direct their own activities to achieve the objectives .

Self-management includes goal setting, decision making, focus, planning, scheduling personal time, self-knowledge, self-organization, self-control, self-education and many other components.Sometimes the self-management implies the proper organization of its own work and working time, but self-management - is a broader concept & gt ;, which includes these aspects too .

Self-management allows you to become the master of his own life .It sounds a bit snobbish, but the way it is.Many complain that they are "adrift" and can not change anything in my life.And the reason they are looking for in the world, although the right thing to look for it in yourself.Very often the cause of our failures (including in the construction of apartments) is the inability to either articulate what we want, or to find the necessary resources to achieve the goals.

Self-management is designed to help:

  • set a target;
  • find the resources to achieve it;
  • choose the most efficient use of these resources;
  • purposefully and consistently apply these methods in practice;

effective self-management requires availability of key skills and qualities that can and should develop in themselves .These skills were identified by Dave Francis and Mike Woodcock, classics effective management:

  • ability to govern themselves, to use their skills, energy, time, to handle stress;
  • clear, reasonable and adequate to the modern reality of personal values;
  • clear and realistic goals in life (both business and personal life);
  • commitment to continuous personal growth, the perception of new opportunities and situations;
  • skills for effective decision-making and problem-solving;
  • ingenuity, creativity, the ability to generate and use new, innovative ideas.

Why self-management needs in business? How it will help your career?Among the indispensable prerequisites for a successful career it is commonly referred to dedication, often giving the word a negative connotation - say, careerist ready to go for the sake of raising the corpses.Yes, there are, but most purposeful man clearly knows what he wants and why he wants a new post - not just for the records in the labor and wage increase (although for them too), and for self-realization.

That was then, and comes in self-management.Usually high position involves the management of other people - as well as the can control someone who is not able to manage a ?In addition, career growth involves personal growth - without self-development and operation of a successful career you do not shine.

Of course, self-management - is an art, and a management can not be learned in a moment.But you can start small - with the proper organization of their working time. Here are some tips for managing themselves, their activities and time:

  1. Plan your day in advance, prioritizing (important and urgent matter, the important but not urgent, urgent but not important, not important and not urgent).
  2. Minimize unproductive communication that distracts you from your work.
  3. Take the time to work with the correspondence.
  4. Start Organizer (paper or electronic) for better planning.
  5. Do not be afraid to take on new business.
  6. Watch for his health - physical and psychological.

Self-management - an important component of a successful career. not fear to control your life!