History of Shrovetide With Carnival everyone connected very fond memories - fun festivities, entertainment and plenty of delicious flavored pancakes.Do you know where the custom of burning effigies, cooking pancakes and taking snow town? history Shrovetide very long and interesting.

history of Mardi Gras celebration dates back to pre-Christian times , when the pagan customs have played a very important role in everyone's life.Even then, the main traditions were formed, which could only change slightly over time.What were the celebrations dedicated to the Pancake Day?

Originally Mardi Gras - it off winter, which was celebrated for 14 days .The first week of the festival was preceded by a day of the vernal equinox, the second was after him.At this time, the cold had already begun to retreat and nature - to awaken.Naturally, people will gladly welcomed the arrival of the heat, because all life has already begun to adapt to the new rhythms of life.

pagan festivals on Shrove Tuesday was just gorgeous .At this time, a lot of

people are having fun and eating.No wonder Shrovetide is called "obzhornoy", "honest", "broad" and "razoritelnitsey."By the way, when you consider that before the New Year holiday celebrated in Russia, not on January 1 and March 1, then everything becomes clear.The new year has come, so it is necessary to meet the generous feast.Agree that the tradition of a good feast of the Slavs in the blood.

But the story does not end Shrovetide. After the baptism of Rus Christian Church left Shrovetide celebration in order not to contradict the established tradition .Still Pancake had to be moved so that it is incompatible with the new tradition of Lent.Celebrations on Shrove Tuesday was reduced from two weeks to one and tied them to the weeks preceding Lent.Furthermore, the Bible says that in the last week of Lent is allowed to eat butter, fish and dairy products.Thus was preparing people to abstention from food.

history Shrovetide: Week festivities

whole week of Maslenitsa celebrations devoted to various .Each day has its own significance and name.So every day there are different ceremonies to be observed.What else hides from us the story of Shrovetide, and what we do not know?

Meeting - Monday .Maslenitsa history says that in this day greeted the first day of the holiday.On Monday, completing the construction of swings, slides and booths.Also Monday began pancakes.The first baked pancake should give to the poor so that they remembered the dead.Also Monday, the father-in-law sent her daughter for a whole day to her parents.But in the evening they themselves have come to visit, which talked about the time and place for the festivities, and whom they invite.

Zaigryshi - Tuesday .On this day festivities, and all were treated to pancakes.In the name of all the guests and relatives.A shill offers a simple phrase: "We have mountains of snow and ready to bake pancakes - please bestow!".Also Tuesday, also known bridal brides.Also on this day we went to woo that after Lent could be a wedding.

Gourmet - Wednesday .On this day, it was customary to arrange a feast with a variety of treats.On Wednesday, the mother-in-law to come to eat pancakes.And the other guests were also invited.The table cluttered with different food, had to be in every home.Also on this day in the villages brewed beer.

Wide binge - Thursday .As we know from the history of Pancake Day, a holiday that day unfolded to its full width.This day was the most fun festivals: riding "on the Sun", taking the cities of snow, which was mainly a male activity, and numerous other attractions.

Teschin Vecherki - Friday .History Maslenitsa is that on this day all the customs were aimed at bringing the wedding day, so have contributed to this development, as they could.On Friday in-law he had to invite his wife's mother on pancakes.Even there is a custom that evening mother-in-law had to send everything you need for baking pancakes: pan and other utensils.But in-law I had to send oil and flour.If in-law did not respect this custom, it could have caused a family feud.

Zolovkina gatherings - Saturday .On Saturday, a young daughter was invited to his sister-in pancakes, the sister of her husband.Also in-law prepared for any gift.And at a party, as always, all were treated to pancakes.

Forgiveness Sunday - is seeing Shrovetide.That day ended with all the festivities and eating of pancakes.On this day, it was decided not only to curtail all festivals, but also to ask for forgiveness for all.It is also the story of Maslenitsa is such that the last day of festivities traditionally made of straw and rags scarecrow is carried through the village on the field.Depending on the area where the wires Maslenitsa scarecrow or burned, or drowned in the hole, or torn to pieces.The straw that might remain after a bogey, should throw on the field.

As you can see, a very long history of Shrovetide, and the presence of various traditions to make this holiday one of the most popular among the people.

History of Shrovetide