Pancake Day Celebration 2012 Mardi Gras 2012 falls on February 20-26. Celebrating Shrovetide its roots back to ancient pagan times, but today made all week Shrovetide feast on hearty pancakes, friendly crowd to play fun games, walk-in guests.How good to celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

Shrovetide celebration today maintains many ancient traditions .Today, all are happy to participate in the popular street festivals, constructing and burn an effigy of winter, sledding hills to build snow forts, and so on. D. A bully does not miss a chance to try their hand in street fistfights «wall to wall":this is probably the only time of the year when you can "shaking his fists" with impunity.However, one should always remember that it is still a game, and not to beat rivals are very strong.

Shrovetide celebration usually takes place on the street and to keep warm, it is best to play outdoor games .For example, a very simple, but at the same time very funny game - it « Three feet ».Participants in the game are divided into pairs, the right leg o

f one of them is associated with the left leg of the second, and then get the "three-legged" steam as soon as possible should be given to reach the landmark and back.The winner is the fastest "trehnozhka."

help determine the label on the celebration of Pancake Day game « Russian broom ».Taking a broom in his hand (better without shaft), the participant should as far as possible to throw it.The winner is determined by the distance of the "flight" broom.By the way, one more amusing competition on Shrove Tuesday with a broom - a contest « Broom on the forehead ».In this contest will win the participant who can hold the longest broom on his forehead.

tug of war competitions - the traditional favorite, and all the fun on Shrove Tuesday.And in order to diversify the game, you can ask participants the additional conditions and restrictions.For example, the celebration of Pancake Day will be even more fun if all participants in a tug of war will stand only on one leg, pull the rope with one hand, and so on. D.

Traditional Shrovetide celebration includes a variety of games and competitions of endurance, agility and dexterity.Also good mood on Shrove Tuesday will present song and dance competitions .For example, by selecting a few people among those present, invite them to dance the "apple", "Gipsy output", folk dances.The original dance - the better.Among

fairly complex and original fun on Shrove Tuesday - skiing poles .This game requires some training.On a snowy hill must be laid at a distance of about 1 m apart two smooth pole length of 15-20 m each.The surface of the slide must be well compacted.Poles often watered, so they like to be cold and become slippery.Participants split into pairs skating, stand up and try on the sixth move down from the hill down without falling at the same time.The comical posture of participants, the merrier fun runs.

Maslenitsa celebration is rarely complete without "shooting" snowballs , so if there is a place of celebration suitable for this purpose the snow, then you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.If you are not lucky and there is no snow, snowballs instead of "shoot" can tennis balls.You can compete at the same time: one more participants "kill" labeled "shots."

Carnival - this is a very fun time, and a celebration of Maslenitsa allows for a while forget about the stress of everyday life, experience the atmosphere of fairy tales , remember the carefree time of childhood.Do not miss the chance to "hang out" at the celebration of Pancake Day!

Pancake Day Celebration 2012