July 1, 2012 - Day of sea and river fleet The first Sunday of July employees of sea and river fleet celebrate their professional holiday.In 2012 Day of sea and river fleet falls on July 1st.

Occupation sailor has always been shrouded in an aura of romance: boundless sea, the salt air of freedom, traveling to exotic countries.Many people are lured the sea since childhood: perhaps, in every yard there is a boy who dreams of becoming a brave sea captain.

Earlier ships were almost the only mode of transport when traveling to distant countries, separated by a water barrier (not for nothing that these countries were called overseas).Britain was one of the most influential states precisely because of its fleet, which has allowed it to acquire a large number of colonies on other continents, and win the status of the queen of the seas .

now to another continent and can be reached by plane, but still sea and river transport remains one of the most important sectors of the economy , allowing deliver goods to any corners of the country and to implem

ent international trade, and its role as a passenger transport stillIt is significant.And much of the credit for this belongs to many generations of workers Fleet, devoted his life to working in this industry.

history of the Russian fleet begins at the end of the XVII century, when the Voronezh Admiralty shipyards were built the first ships to blockade the Turkish fortress of Azov.Thus it was laid the first in the history of Russian regular Navy.Navy Day celebrated since 1939, but the Day of Sea and River Fleet was established much later, in 1980, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On holidays and memorial days".

If among your friends there are sailors or any boatman fleet (commercial, passenger, ice-breaking), repairers and port workers - in short, people of all professions, whose work is somehow connected with the sea or river fleet - do not forget to congratulate them professionalholiday .Their work is not only very romantic, but very difficult, and in a day you can not leave them without sincere congratulations.

Congratulations on the Day of sea and river fleet

* * *
you plow expanses of water,
you - the pride and power of the country!
let things happen, what you want,
Salutes are given in your honor!

Let you always blowing a fair wind,
And the sea light waves meet,
Let pleasing successes have children,
bypassing failures party!
* * *
For you, the water - its element,
A deck - its trail.
Looks like you are from God,
And that, therefore, the fate.

Let no storm, no storm, no wind
Ways-roads not zametut,
And the sun shines happiness in life,
and deliver the joy of labor.
* * *
furrow you hunt
seas, rivers all countries ...
Happy employees fleet
you, sailor, Captain!

let boisterous ocean,
Or calm, gentle breeze,
you are traveling tourists,
Coal, fruit and rice.

on river
rigging or further ways

even cheer you on earth to find!

No salted miles Accounts
, cruises, ports ...
and seven feet under the keel
Once again we wish you!
* * *
reading in childhood Kipling and Verne,
to be friends with their heroes, I suppose.Manila
you romance of the seas,
dreamed of becoming mature as quickly as possible,

To surf the oceans,
grow from cabin boy to captain,
To the sea to link the fate of all,
Navy glory multiply.

Proud Navy brave guys,
war and peace courts,
Although assigning different from them,
you - and sailors on the other.

In his heart became a sailor,
destiny is tied up with the rivers, seas.
your work for us, and hence the great -
Heroes present, not from books.

July 1, 2012 - Day of sea and river fleet