Programmer On the 256th day, the programmers celebrate their professional holiday.Typically, this day falls on September 13, but in a leap year date is shifted one day earlier.Thus, Programmer's Day 2012 falls on September 12.Why

256th day?This number is not accidental. 256 (two to the eighth power) - is the number of different values ​​(the codes of states) that can take eight-bit bytes - the unit of storage and processing of digital information.Also the maximum integer power of two that is less than 365 - the number of days in the year.

first offered to celebrate the Day of the programmer Dmitry Mendrelyuk, head of the publishing house "Computerra", July 15, 1996.As a celebration of the day was chosen the first Friday of September.She was named «clean Fridays» , because the editorial board of "Computerra" offered that day to arrange general cleaning media from unnecessary files.

However, an official holiday was the Day of the programmer because Valentine Balta , employee Web Studio "Parallel Technologies.

"It was he who in 2002 organized the collection of signatures under the appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation to recognize the 256th day of the year an official holiday programmers.

However, a draft presidential decree Russia "On the bottom of the programmer" was prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and submitted to the government, only seven years later, on July 24, 2009. September 11, 2009 Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree, and was born a new official professional holiday - the Day of the programmer.

Many people programming exclusively associated with personal computers.In fact, programming is not only a computer program that we use, and Web sites that we visit. Software Development demand now in many areas of our lives, and programming for computers (computer programming) - is only a small part of the program at all.

Since the programming profession is becoming more popular and popular among your friends for sure there is a person, one way or another associated with programming and, most likely, not even one.Be sure to congratulate your friends, "programmers" in the Programmer's Day 2012 because value of this profession in the modern world can hardly be overestimated .

Congratulations on the Day of the programmer 2012

* * *
You've become a great programmer,
and company values ​​you,
You will not be a problem
solve any task!

wish you continued success,
wranglings thing ever!
fun, warmth and health,
love and, of course, good!

Let it be a working system and cargo
file easily,
but almost always online
It comes easily to you!

* * *
Programmer's Day - a holiday of a modern,
When important work in high esteem,
Settlement programs and examples of the Lord ...
digit salute you.

solving complex problems,
Do not look for easy ways.
luck, strength and luck,
and inspiring ideas.

Let your true vocation,
you bring a large income,
Decide for a new job,
With all desperate soul!

* * *
know to within ounces
logic and function calls,
Like any beautiful lady,
dizzy program,

train as military,
you local variables,
Masculine officer Artist-
It's all you, the programmer!

* * *
Separately, I want to congratulate,
For unselfishness praise,
those who are preparing free-software,
They help us to live.

Let you can not keep up for Gates,
But this happiness there, friends,
With talent you did not catch up,
with the people you are one family!

* * *
You - the magician in the computer world,
You - the creator of good software!
Let all the files will be accessible
bothers starts harmful spam!

programmer - it's cool, prestigious
And so it was, and always will be!
Suppose you will not find a formidable virus,
Never hang "Wind."

* * *
Algorithms master, handler DLL,
We wish you, friend, that you have succeeded in your life!To
yuzalos successfully and without bugs cost,
to work in javascript-e and wanted and were able to!To

front of the monitor without dinner is not sitting,
to Smarty studying, not accidentally turned gray,
to night you dreamed is not mysterious Ajax,
A girl in a swimsuit, sea gulls and a lighthouse!