to your image Halloween was the perfect, care must be taken not only of the suit, but also about the make-up or make-up.The make-up is different from the makeup?How to make an original make-up for Halloween?

Halloween Makeup is done using ordinary makeup.He will not allow to radically change the appearance, so it is best used for images that do not require a radical transformation: a witch, angel, demon, vampire.Make-up, in turn, can make you just unrecognizable.Without it can not do, if you decide to portray a zombie for Halloween, Fiona of "Shrek" or Neytiri from "Avatar."But the makeup you will need special paint.

paints makeup are of two types.The theater is usually used fat-based makeup.He was very persistent, but his face can be removed only with something bold (eg, fat cream or Vaseline).Buy this makeup can be in stores selling theatrical supplies.Makeup water based (akvagrim) can be washed with plain water.On the one hand it is an advantage, on the other - the disadvantage that it is less resi

stant akvagrim.Akvagrim usually sold in shops of goods for children.

to make Halloween makeup, you will also need accessories: brushes of different thicknesses, sponges, cotton swabs, wipes, a bowl of water, and if you are using oil-based makeup - something else baby cream and petroleum jelly.It will also need a mirror and a desk lamp.Before you start doing make-up, apply a small sample of paint make-up in the crook of the elbow - If you see redness or other signs of irritation, makeup can be safely used.

makeup What you can do on Halloween?The mass of options: just imagine your face - this is the canvas, and you - the artist.And start creating!However, we should not forget the basic rule of makeup application: you must first apply foundation all over the face, and on top of it already draws parts.

Grim Ghost skull Halloween

As an example, explain how to do makeup for Halloween ghost - wild, but cute ghost.You can even without the motor of.For starters, apply white tone all over the face, including the eyebrows.Theatrical makeup is usually applied with a sponge, akvagrim - large brush (when applied with a sponge, he can go too thin and begin to pull the skin when dry).

almost dry sponge, apply a greenish tone on the chin, forehead and under the cheekbones.It will create the effect of mold.Then take a fine brush, dip it in black make-up and draw the outline of circles around the eyes.Change thin brush and paint on a wide space within the black community.This should be done carefully to make-up did not hit in the eye.If it did happen, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water.

Then again, take a fine brush - we go to draw the nose.On the wings of the nose to draw up two elongated triangle.Base of the triangle should be on the most nostrils, and the top - a little below the nose.Fill the black triangle, using a brush of medium size.

Dip the brush into the wide white makeup and paint opaque tight band on his lips.You also need to grab a bit of the area around the lips.This will be the background against which you then draw the teeth.Let the white make-up to dry.While it dries, you can paint with a fine brush crack on the forehead and cheeks.

Brush a medium-sized circle the lip contour in the shape of a rectangle or an oval.Remember that it must be proportionate to the nose and eyes.Thin brush paint black vertical line inside the outline - this will outline the teeth.Then gently Draw teeth, giving them the right shape.Grim Ghost Halloween ready!Spooky and fun-filled holiday to you!