Christmas decorations Christmas star

difficult to imagine a Christmas or New Year without a Christmas tree.And what a festive Christmas tree afford to be without a star ?!In addition, Christmas stars and of themselves are a wonderful decoration.They can be used in the interior of the house and even outside, so that holiday mood will be provided not only to you.

There are many options and materials with which to make a Christmas star.But perhaps the easiest to make it out of felt.The advantages of the stars can be attributed to the fact that it never will break.

What we need

  • Felt various shades - suit and bright and muted colors.
  • Cotton yarn for knitting.They must also be different shades: 3-4 species will suffice.
  • filler - it may be padding polyester or wool
  • Beads and needle him
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • small sheet of plain paper

In principle, all this can even be found in your home.But certainly in the shop these simple materials there really is.

Making Christmas star - step by step instructions:

1. From the paper to be cut t

he most usual five-pointed star with a diameter of 6-7 cm. Depending on what you want to decorate, it may be a different size.

2. Transfer the pattern on the prepared strip of felt or a segment.Use chalk to make the necessary number of drawings, taking into account how many of stars you want to get out of the material of one color.

Christmas star with his own hands

3. Cut out the stars and put them together on one another.Then, secure them with a pin to prevent displacement.The color of the material should be the same on both sides.But you can dream up.

4. And now neat and beautiful stitches start to sew stars on the edge.It is best to use for this red, yellow or some other thread to achieve contrast.

Christmas star with his own hands

When you get to the last beam star, the pin can be removed.Now is the time to fill with cotton or synthetic padding asterisk, and sew up the remaining ray.

The final step is the decor.Select the picture that you want to see on their stars, and carefully sew beads on it.Oh, and do not forget to make a loop to hang on your Christmas tree crafts.

Christmas star with his own hands

These stars are good to decorate their Christmas wreaths to hang on the Christmas tree or used as decoration in the interior.

Christmas star made of fir branches

lot like another simple way in which the New Year can make a star out of the ordinary branches.For this we need even less material:

  • branches.It is desirable that they are as flat.But the original decor can be made from any of the branches.
  • braid, wire or rope to seal the branches together.
  • Decor - tinsel, ribbons, bows, zavyazochki, beads, toys, paint, garlands.

1. The branches need to be disassembled into five equal parts pretty and cut to length.The length can be arbitrary - 30 cm and above.

2. Fold one star.If the threads do not take the necessary form, you can press them with something heavy and leave for a while.

3. After the branch took the form of stars, tightly tied with rope or wire connection points.

Christmas star with his own hands

4. And .. decorate!Branches can wrap the garland;cover the silver or gold paint.And you can decorate them with ribbons, toys, beads or any tinsel.It just depends on your preference and mood.

Well, if you are not a handicraft, or have already decorated the Christmas tree and interior bought toys, there is another way to make a Christmas star.It is available to any of us.To do this, you just need to gently lay down in the snow and spread wide his arms and legs.And when you stand up - it is also desirable to carefully - you'll see the snow wonderful star of its size!