Do not shake the apple tree, as long as green when celebrate Apple Spas

Apple or second Saviour symbolizes not only the harvesting, but also a farewell to summer.On this day, our ancestors and staged lavish festivities a little sad, because they thought that on August 19 (New Style) summer gives way to fall right.For all the towns and villages prepared meals, we enjoy a rich table and went to church to sanctify apple harvest.With this Spas related many interesting beliefs, traditions and rituals, which we describe in detail.

Traditions Feast

Interestingly, the apple in every culture had rich symbolism.Remember even rejuvenating apples, apple on a plate, which predict the future, the fruit of knowledge of the Garden of Eden, etc.In Russia, this fruit is considered a symbol of prosperity, and the greater the yield, the better fed will come next year.In Russian culture, apples have a special place - they can be found in embroidery, tales, epics, paintings, songs and traditions.

Do not shake the apple tree, as long as green when celebrate Apple Spas

By tradition the number 19 from filling baskets with ripe fruits Orthodox believers attribu

ted to the church for the consecration.Also, the priests went to the gardens and the trees themselves sanctified, that they bring more yield for the next year.

After going to church hostess harvested fruit for winter - dried, soaked, canned, make compotes.In the evening, all the family members and friends gather at the banquet table to eat treats - apple pie, jam, cereal, etc.On the feast of Our Saviour in 2015 can be prepared in the lush apple pie or an apple, baked in the oven.

"Apple" folk wisdom: the signs and sayings on Apple Spas

It's no secret that the Slavs have a sign on any day and for any occasion, and on the Feast of so much that they can be "predicted"the entire 2015!

What are the most interesting signs of the Second Savior:

  1. What is the weather will be released for the holiday, so is January (dry, rainy, windy).
  2. If the day was dry, then autumn, and will be poor in precipitation, if rainy - you can expect rain, bright sun - is a severe winter.
  3. The first fruit, eaten on the feast of the Lord, can fulfill a wish.
  4. After Feast sowed winter crops.If planting coincided with the north wind, the rye and wheat grow strong with a large grain.
  5. If during the sowing of winter crops will drizzling rain, the harvest will be good.

Do not shake the apple tree, as long as green when celebrate Apple Spas

sayings on this theme are innumerable.A child who is very similar to the parents say "apple fell far from the tree."Mironovsky an excerpt from the song "The Island of bad luck" about the unfortunate savages, on the face of terrible, but good inside can be replaced by the saying "crooked little tree, but apples are sweet."And about untrustworthy people say "wormy apple before the first gust of wind."

Feast - a long-awaited gathering of harvest and the autumn meeting at the same time.In the morning people went to church holy fruits in the afternoon made preparations for the winter, and in the evening, after a hearty meal bonfires, circle dances and singing ritual songs.