What flowers to give on March 8 tradition to give flowers appeared a long time ago.Fresh cut flowers are always considered a good gift, a sign of attention and respect.With a bouquet of flowers gentleman he confessed lady in love and expressed his desire to associate with her future life.

March 8 - a good excuse to give joy lovely ladies, sympathy or even a declaration of love.International Women's Day in addition to its direct meaning is the herald of spring and awakening of nature, so the flowers - perhaps the most successful gift to a woman.In addition, they emphasize the delicacy and fragility of the female nature.The problem of choosing flowers from year to year is, in fact quite difficult to choose among all the rich variety of the most suitable colors for a gift of this or that lady.We hope our article will help you decide and make the right choice.

Snowdrops - flowers on March 8

Snowdrops - the first flowers of spring.They symbolize tenderness and youth, so, of course, it is desirable to give these flowers to young creatur

es to the subtlety and the fragility of their natures.However, these colors also delight mothers, because there is nothing more touching than the child's mother congratulated sincerely and wholeheartedly delicate bouquet of snowdrops.

What flowers to give on March 8

Tulips - choice of colors on March 8

Tulips - incredibly beautiful and unusual.A variety of grades simply amazing!This expressive flower is a symbol of pure love, harmony, pride, fame and fortune.Perhaps because of this wonderful values, they are a symbol of the Netherlands.Tulips will help you to express my admiration for the woman and the pleasure of meeting.Tulips can give not only loved, but also colleagues, sisters, girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers.Flowers will please anyone!Now some of the nuances.Red tulips represent a declaration of love, white - tenderness and attention to the woman.But yellow tulips are not messengers of separation, as the song goes!They symbolize joy, spring mood and optimism.

Roses - the perfect choice on March 8

Roses - the most versatile flowers.They can give a loved women, and just those whom you respect and appreciate.Roses from ancient times been considered a symbol of passion, femininity, emotion and love.Roses can convey even the most contradictory feelings, because they are - an unusual combination of soft velvet petals and caustic thorns.Red roses speak of passion and lust that who daryatsya flowers.White roses - serious intentions and tender feelings.Pink roses are perhaps the most delicate, so they can give their daughters, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends ... Blue Roses - option for creative people.These flowers will be pleased with extraordinary and creative persons.Despite the banality of roses, they are mostly classics longer than one jaded.So if you can not decide, just choose them, do not lose.

What flowers to give on March 8

Mimosa - flowers on March 8

Mimosa as snowdrops, many associate with spring.They symbolize loyal love, unchanging and seriousness of purpose.Mimosa its sunny and naive view of encouraging and joy, awakening of nature and a new life.They can give as a young beauties and mature women, as there is one interesting fact: Mimosa is a natural aphrodisiac and help to awaken a woman sexy.

Daffodils - Flowers expressing admiration

Despite the fact that daffodils are a symbol of selfishness, vanity and narcissism, as it was first mentioned in the legend, these flowers help to express my admiration for a woman looks, they daryatsya.And, of course, we can not forget the marvelous aroma that exudes daffodils, because they are able to turn the head of any lady.