How to make up for Halloween at home Halloween - is not only a celebration of the universal horror, but also a great opportunity to demonstrate their originality in a good light.

Finding your way in choosing the memorable appearance will help both their own ideas about evil (vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc.) And illustrative embodiments meykapa Halloween.How to make up for Halloween and capture this image in the hearts and memories of friends?First, choose a character.The only criterion is your own desire to live one day as a way or another monster.

determined with a degree of expression of your intent.Brothers for cosmetics is not necessary, is not completely thought through the makeup of your character: whether he really eccentric, hard, or will laytovoy version terror.Without complete ideas get something unconvincing, and how to paint for Halloween, if you are not the outcome of their efforts?

Based on the chosen level of plausibility, select the required transformation for cosmetics.If you devise a way to be echoes of horror, it

is possible to dispense powder, bright shadows, lipstick and original shades (white, black, green).

If you decide to get used to the image of the chosen character thoroughly, the transformation will be needed for the ritual:

  • Matting cream;
  • Powder and transparent shine;
  • white makeup or tonal foundation for the bright colors;
  • black pencil and colored shadows;
  • scarlet red lipstick and lip pencil correction.

Grimirovochnyh skills will be enough at the level of ability to use eye shadow and evenly applied to the skin tone cream.Yes, Halloween makeup for girls embodied much easier than youthful desire to look creepy and effective.The rest of the tricks you learn under our strict guidance.Suppose, for the image of the vampire transformation is selected - not so much because of the popularity of the character, as in force effektnosti his makeup.How to make up for Halloween at home

How to make up for Halloween at home Step by step instructions on how to do makeup for Halloween by transformation into a vampire is:

  1. Given the specificity of ideas, make-up will be difficult and will have to wear it the whole evening, and sometimes all night.Therefore, first applied to the skin cream matting.It will absorb moisture (that is your sweat) and moisturize the skin.
  2. uniformly applied layer of foundation, do not forget about the skin from the eyelids, podbrovnogo arc and other inaccessible places.For more pallor over the resulting layer of powdered nose, cheeks, forehead.3. Paying attention to the cheeks using correction powder.Retract the cheek and spun hollow areas under the cheekbones hold color tassel with a dark color tone.
  3. effect catchy eyes easy to achieve using smoky smoky-eyes.For this pencil draws a thick line along the upper and lower eyelids.Brush to shade the resulting contours.Forever we put black shadows, reducing the intensity of the color is closer to the eyebrows.The most saturated hue has to be obtained from the eyelashes.In podbrovnogo arcs go for light shades.Shadow brush lightly shaded by eliminating distinct border crossing.Carefully paint over the lashes.
  4. sums up the image of the vampire femme expressive lips.Corrective pencil derive the contours of the lips, we put a scarlet lipstick.For more showiness can distinguish the bottom of the upper lip and the bottom up bardovym shade.Lipstick shade with a brush to the contours merged, thus creating a natural smooth transition.Done!

How to make up for Halloween at home For more showiness you can use the colored lenses or embellish the image of appalling details.For example, you can draw a blue veins around the eyes, or a little above the eyebrows, it will give the image of the tragedy.Or using red eye shadow to create the effect of frozen blood in the eyes of tears, and do not be afraid to experiment - makeup on Halloween with their hands free is transformed and does not tolerate rigid framework.The leading role played by your own imagination - fear, terror and despair to help you!

Author: Katherine Sergeenko