Bread Spas 2012 alternate summer holidays, popularly known as the Savior, Christ the Bread closes .Celebrating his 16th of August to the old style, respectively, August 29 - the new.This holiday is Afterfeast Assumption of the Mother of God.

in the church calendar corresponds to the Corn Savior holiday Transference of Edessa to Constantinople Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ (held this event in the year 944).According to legend, the image of the Holy Face was imprinted on the cloth that Jesus Christ wiped his face.Also on this day revered martyr Diomede doctor who pray for various diseases and ailments, and Theodore Icon of the Mother of God.

In each of the three Spasov made to consecrate a certain product, which after the consecration becomes the main dish of the day.The Honey Spas is honey in apple - apples and other fruits.And Spas Bread bake bread made from the new harvest and, of course, to sanctify it, and then bring to the table.The people on this holiday so say: Ā«third Saviour bread in storeĀ» .He is considered the day when you need to thank the Lord for daily bread.

this holiday also called Nut Spas (or Oreshnaya) , because to this day ripe filbert (hazelnut).From that day it was allowed to begin harvesting hazel in the woods.Therefore, in addition to the bread from the new harvest, the table also made to submit a variety of dishes with nuts.By the way, it was thought that a good harvest in the nuts predicts a rich harvest of grain for the next year.

more this holiday known as Canvas Savior, Christ the Savior on the canvas or on the web , because in this day to sell the paintings and canvases.The most famous was considered fair, held in the village of Green Mountain (Nizhny Novgorod district), it even related a saying: "Christ the first - on the water cost, the second Spas - eating apples, the third Spas - in the green mountains of the canvases are sold."

Bread Spas - this day of preparation for the end of the summer fieldwork , so it is not celebrated with such a large scale as the previous two.The peasants are not up to the festivities: you have to complete all the work in the summer, until the rains came.However, the fair on this day were held, and it was believed that the trade will be very favorable.

Before Hlebny Spas, August 28, finishing harvest and sowing winter grains. In people, this holiday is called Dozhinki (Dosevki) , in the church calendar Dozhinki corresponds to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.But in some places and Dozhinki dosevki it was not confined to the Assumption, and the Third Savior.

Posevki winter rye was the whole ritual .In the morning we made the general homepage prayer, after which his wife accompanied their husbands on the field with bread and salt.At the same time it was necessary to put the cart three sheaves and have put the bags on top of rye intended for sowing.Upon arrival on the field zasevalschikov met guys with a pie with buckwheat.This cake is a family ate after sowing of winter crops.

on grain Savior made to notice departure of birds, especially cranes and swallows.But swallows fly off in all three of the Savior (the first time of their departure was observed back in the Honey Spas), so pay special attention to the Crane.It is believed that if the Third Savior crane fly away, then the feast of the Holy Virgin (14 October) the weather is frosty, marking an early start of winter.

Even in this day of St. new wells, healing springs cleaned by the autumn, the underground drinking water that bypassed and community wells, as if closing the warm young days. third Spas - this is the day of the final farewell to the summer .Although the official calendar August 29 - still summer on the national calendar at this point autumn already in full swing.

Bread Spas 2012