Halloween is considered a holiday of All Saints, so the costumes should depict devils, vampires, witches, ghosts, dead, werewolves, skeletons, zombies and other evil characters.If you want to choose, what costume to wear for Halloween, visit specialty shops selling carnival costumes.

We suggest you do not spend a lot of money by buying a ready option.Be your imagination, and fabricate any costume character, suitable for Halloween.For this you will need some materials at hand.

what costume to wear for Halloween man

costume mummy

tell you how to make a costume for Halloween with his hands.This pattern is easier to make others, and it does not need more than 15 minutes.You will need a wide roll of bandage and assistant that you should wrap this bandage from head to toe.This is your suit.Now take gouache and draw some blood stains to look expressive.For the extravagant use sunglasses.


no less simple than the previous suit.Take a white sheet and a pair of scissors, cut out holes for the mouth

, eyes, so as to obtain an ominous distorted grimace.To look beautiful, to paint on a sheet a couple of parts.


Men's Halloween costumes are very different.This costume you can make from an old shirt, which must be two sizes bigger than yours.It is necessary to put on it and shove it under the pillow, to secure that you can use a clothesline.Take the old jeans and nasheyte them some colored patches, and these patches can draw paints, completing costume straw hat or a hat.It does not interfere and make a scarecrow.Now you can go on holiday.

Costume Frankenstein

This is also an easy costume, here is the most important person.We must make up his pale, with green gouache or theatrical makeup.We must be aware of allergy gouache.Draw scars and stitches can be a contrasting shade.Decorate your neck with a thread, to which bind the cork from wine.The thread has to be painted over, to make it appear that your head is sewn.To complement the terrible image Take a black shirt and jacket.

Death with a scythe

This classic image is created with a long black cloak, for which you can use any black piece of cloth tied to the shoulders.You will need and hood, which will cover half of the face.For manufacturing braids need a stick, cardboard and foil, which can be bought in a toy store.


to create a chic image of a vampire will need appropriate clothing, which consists of a black cloak, trousers, shirt and vest.The clothes should be black, red and burgundy colors.Do not do without the fangs.Make-up should consist of a pale face, painted eyes, drops of blood from his lips.On the face, apply white paint and black eyes highlight.Done!

Photo: The original men's suits for Halloween

Choose Halloween costume man snap.It might be a zombie, a superhero, a werewolf.In the photo presented variations of costumes that help realize a terrifying image.The most popular of them - of course, Count Dracula.You can also choose the costume of the hero of a famous film.For example, Jack Sparrow, Hatter, Iron Man, Green Lantern.

You can choose a photo for Halloween or determined by a video tutorial.Create an original make-up, to draw horrible bloody wounds and stuff.For Halloween thing - originality!

Author: Katerina Sergeenko