How to format the memory card As the media in many gadgets (mobile phones, cameras, electronic books, and so on. N.) Commonly used memory cards.Sometimes it happens that the device memory card does not see, although in theory it is compatible with it in type and size.In this case, it may help formatting. How to format a memory card?

Format - is the process of marking the information carrier, the creation of file system structures.All the data that are on the media, are destroyed.Some devices (such as cameras) allow format the memory card without using a computer , simply by selecting the appropriate item in the menu of the device.Each device is done in its own way, so we advise you to simply read this manual to your phone or camera - there should be all described.

If "home device" refuses to format a memory card, although in theory, this option is available, you can try to turn it off and then on again.If this does not work, you can try to find other devices that support the memory card the correct type and format the card in it.H

owever, formatting the memory card directly into the device is not always available, so tell, how to format the memory card using a computer .

To format a memory card, you will need a card reader - card reader memory.It can be as plug and built.But if you do not have a card reader, do not despair: you can format the memory card straight into your camera (phone, player and so on. N.) By connecting the device to your computer USB-cable in the data or USB Mass Storage, just in caseformatting will take longer.

The easiest way - is format the memory card standard tools of the operating system through Windows Explorer .To do this, you need to connect the card to a computer (via a card reader or by connecting the device with the card).Then go to "My Computer", find the list of disks and memory card, click on the right mouse button.In the context menu select "Format."

opens formatting, it is necessary to select the type of file system for memory cards .If the memory card capacity is less than 2 GB, it is better to choose the type of file system FAT or FAT16.For memory cards more than 2 GB of suitable filesystem FAT32 (most likely, it will be selected by default).The other items can be left alone.Then just click on the button "Start" and wait for the end of the formatting.

second option format the memory card using a computer - it format using the program "Disk Management┬╗ .To use this method, connect the memory card to the computer and right-click on the icon "My Computer".In the context menu, select "Manage".

In the Computer Management window, scroll to "Memories", and in it - the item "Disk Management".In the list of drives get the card, click on the right mouse button and select "Format". system can alert you to the fact that in the process of formatting, all data will be lost - just click Yes.

In the format, type the volume label (disk name), select the file system .You can also choose the size of the cluster - storage units.But if you do not know why this is necessary, it is best to leave the default value.Click OK.If the system is once again warn you that formatting will destroy data on the disk, press OK again.Now you can wait until the system will format a memory card.

You can also format the memory card with the help of special programs .Note that some programs do not support all types of memory cards.It should also be remembered that in any way formatting will erase all data on a memory card , so if there is any important information that you need before formatting to make it a backup.

How to format the memory card