Registry Optimization One of the factors affecting the performance of the operating system - a state registry.If the system start "brake" may, help optimize the registry and fix it to accelerate its work.

Registry stores settings and options "iron" and software necessary for the correct operation of the operating system.Almost all the changes made to the system when you install the software, operate the control panel, and so on. N. Are entered in the registry.In fact, registry Windows - is a database of settings and parameters , built in a hierarchical manner.

Registry is divided into sections (branches).Each section contains a folder which stores settings and options of the system. The more changes are made to the system during operation, the greater grows the registry .Over time, it appears erroneous parameters (for example, if some programs were removed incorrectly).In addition, the registry is subject to fragmentation that slows down the registry.

Registry Optimization helps streamline it and, accordingly, to speed u

p the system.Usually registry optimization involves several operations : cleaning the registry of defective and outdated entries, compression and defragmentation of the registry Windows.The size of the registry decreases and the velocity of the registry increases.

Windows has built-in tools for working with the registry - regedit.exe and regedit32.exe .However, inexperienced users should not use them to optimize your registry, t. To. They are focused primarily on manual work with the registry.If you are not familiar with the registry, you can delete that something is not right, and it will entail a system malfunction.You may even have to reinstall the operating system.

therefore more efficient and safer will optimize the registry by means of special programs to work with the registry .These programs automatically finds the existing problems in the registry and correct them, spend compression and defragmentation of the registry.Consider a few of these programs in more detail.

One of the most popular programs for optimizing the registry - CCleaner .This program is free and is suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.Optimize Registry - just one of the options utility CCleaner, designed to optimize the operating system as a whole.

order to optimize the registry, run the program, click the "Register" and press the "Search for problems."The program will scan the system registry on a number of parameters (from the incorrect file extensions to the lack of application) and displays a list of problems found. If desired, you can choose on what parameters will be scanned , placing or removing the checkmark in the corresponding parameters.

working with this program, does not necessarily make a backup copy of the registry: to fix registry errors program will offer to back up the changes .If optimization of the registry errors and will be held in the system should malfunction, you can always restore the registry in its original form from the saved program REG-file.

Another program for optimizing the registry called Registry Life .This free utility from company Chemtable used to clean and optimize the registry and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS family of Windows.When you run the program will scan the registry for errors and the degree of fragmentation and issue a verdict: if you really want to clean up or optimize the registry.

In the process of cleaning and correcting errors the program finds and removes unnecessary and erroneous registry entries, compresses the registry files, and then defragment them. can configure automatic optimization , a scheduled regular intervals.

regular optimization of the registry with special programs to help speed up your system, but do not forget that the performance of the operating system affected by other factors that also must be considered.

Registry Optimization