How to Convert DjVu to FB2? Quite often you may encounter with e-books stored in the format DjVu - it is often used to store the scanned documents.That's just not all electronic "reading room" properly open this format, in contrast to the same FB2.Is there a way to convert DjVu in FB2 ?

Unfortunately, the program is capable of one-click convert DjVu to FB2, does not exist.This is due to the fact that the format of FB2 contains information in text form.A DjVu - a graphical format, in fact, a set of images, combined into one file for added convenience."Remove" from the text of the picture is much more complicated than making the text of the image.Therefore convert DjVu to FB2 have several steps .

easiest way to do, if DjVu file have a text (OCR) layer .How to test it?Open the e-book of any suitable program for reading DjVu and see if you can implement full-text search on the file (of course, the program should initially support the option of full-text search).If OCR

layer is present, you need to copy the text file to the clipbo

ard, paste into a text editor, edit if necessary, and save it as a text document (DOC, RTF, TXT, ODT, and so on. P.) And have a text document convert FB2 using any suitable program.

If DjVu document is composed of "clean" images, without the text layer, DjVu conversion process in FB2 will consist of several stages .To extract text from DjVu file, you will need to use the program for optical character recognition - for example, Fine Reader or any other more affordable alternative.But

program for text recognition are rarely able to work directly with the format DjVu.Therefore first you need to convert DjVu files to PDF or TIFF .To convert to PDF, for example, you can use a combination of two programs - WinDjView and PDFCreator.Instead of WinDjView can use any other program to read that format (as long as it was present ability to print), and instead of PDFCreator - any other virtual printer.

Opening DjVu file in the program to read, call the printing dialog (shortcut Ctrl + P), in a line printer selection drop-down list, select a virtual PDF-printer and click OK.The program takes some time to prepare the document pages to convert.When the window opens to save the file, enter the name of the book, and then click OK.Note that conversion may require a lot of time and computer resources .

You can also use the program to convert DjVu to other graphic formats (for example, DjVuOCR).The main thing - that you end up with a document that can be identified using Fine Reader or a similar program.The recognized text is exported into a text editor where it is possible to edit if necessary, and then later converted into a text file FB2.

So there are two basic schemes convert DjVu format in FB2 .If a book is present text layer, you just need to copy it into a text document, and already convert it to FB2.When the text layer is not present, the chain would be as follows: conversion DjVu to PDF or image format → recognition of the resulting file in the OCR program → saving the recognized text to a text file → convert a text file in FB2.

Generally, convert DjVu to FB2 - a long and rather laborious .So if you have the opportunity to do without conversion, it is better to leave the book in DjVu format.

How to Convert DjVu to FB2?