Phone does not see the card Modern phones internal memory is usually a little bit, and the function of the main carrier of information they carry memory cards.But what if the smartphone has ceased to see her?In order not to lose access to the necessary files, use our instructions.

1. he walks contact

Why is the memory card does not show the files on your phone?If your gadget happened to such a nuisance, do not rush immediately to run a service center or buy a new memory card.Perhaps the problem is, why not see the android memory card is easily solved.First you need to remove the card from your phone and insert it again.If the problem was simply detached contact, it should help.

2. Bad sectors on the memory card

But if that does not work, still no need to panic.There is a chance to "cure" the card at home.To do this, insert it into a card reader.If the card reader card saw you can get to save her:

  1. Go to My Computer, find where your memory card, click about it, right click and select Properties.
  2. Properties window opens the
    disc.You need to go to the Tools tab and find the "Check disk for errors."
  3. Click Check Now.In the Check Disk options Check the box "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" and click Run.
  4. Then insert the card into the phone and check whether he sees it.

If this method did not work, you can go to extreme measures, and format the memory card.In the event that a card reader card sees advance copy data from a USB drive to your computer, because the formatting will erase all data on the card.Perhaps, after formatting the card on your computer you will need to format it for the second time already in the phone.

3. The memory card is damaged

As if all these methods do not help, it is necessary to contact the service center.Master to determine why your phone or smartphone does not see, does not specify the memory card micro-SD, and tell you what to do, that is to find ways to solve problems.SD or microSD card may not work because it has been damaged, in which case you'll probably have to just buy a new one.

To further this problem does not repeat itself, it is necessary to comply with the rules of operation card :

  • memory card contraindicated physical damage, they can not drop, bend, press down.
  • memory cards need to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight, electrostatic discharge, keep away from heat sources.
  • Do not remove the card during transmission.

4. Incompatibility cards and smartphone

Also, the problem may be that the phone does not support the size or scope of your memory card.And if the card the wrong size to stick in the socket on the phone is quite problematic, something wrong with the volume quite often in an effort to buy a card povmestitelnee.Older phones do not support high-volume memory card, so be sure to look in the manual to your phone, what is the maximum amount of memory cards it supports.

Sometimes the problem can be covered in bad compatible memory card and the phone.Each phone is a particular format memory cards.But the snag is that the same format can be produced by different manufacturers, and not all manufacturers of cards at 100% up to standard.As a result, some devices, these cards can not be read.For example, some Nokia phones do not work with SD-card Apacer.

It is therefore important to buy memory cards from reputable manufacturers.So, for example, the format of the Memory Stick was developed by Sony, and only the company guarantees 100% compliance with the standard cards.A SD memory card can be from different manufacturers, but manufacturers should choose whose names are on the ear.For example, SanDisk has been one of the developers of the format, and this means that its products meet the standard.

If your phone does not see the card (such as Android does not see the sd card), do not panic: perhaps the problem will be solved with small losses.And if it does become necessary to buy a new replace the failed one, it is important to choose a quality memory card suitable for your phone on the format and scope.

Phone does not see the card