Registry Defragmentation Most parameters and settings are stored in the Windows registry.Unfortunately, the registry Windows, like any other stored on the hard disk information is subject to fragmentation, which degrades system performance.In such cases, a registry defragmentation .

Windows Registry contains information and settings for programs and "iron", user profiles, and so on. N. The register is fixed most of the changes made to the system.In this part of the registry data formed in the process of loading the operating system, and some is stored on the hard disk as files .Like any other files, the registry are subject to fragmentation.

If the registry files are fragmented, the access to the registry slows down in proportion to the degree of file fragmentation .This affects the overall system performance.To solve this problem will defrag the registry.However, it must be carried out correctly because illiterate defrag the registry can cause malfunction of the system.It is even possible that the operating system will have

to reinstall from scratch.

First you need to remember is that defragmenting the registry and defragment your hard drive - it's not the same thing.If you decide to defragment the hard drive on the system registry it will not have a significant impact. registry defragmentation should be performed separately with special programs .There are a huge number of applications to defragment the Registry, both paid and free.

To defragment the Registry, you can use different programs, for example :

  • Auslogics Registry Defrag;
  • System File Defragmenter;
  • Defraggler;
  • QuickSys RegDefrag;
  • Chemtable Software Registry Life.

Of course, this is not a complete list of programs, defragmenters .Often defragmentation feature is included in the list of functions of the program, tweaking (tools for fine-tuning of the operating system and / or software).

In principle, all of these registry defragmentation program is conducted as usual. To start the utility scans the registry to determine the degree of fragmentation .Because defragmentation the registry will require a reboot, you will likely be offered two options: to defragment the registry and reboot your computer immediately or defragment the registry at the next reboot.

is advisable to choose a program that creates a point before defragmentation rollback (backup the registry), or create a copy of the manual to recover from her registry Windows, if the defragmentation something goes wrong.

How long will defrag the registry? This depends on several factors.Firstly, at the time of defragmentation affect the number of entries in the registry and the degree of fragmentation.An important parameter - the read / write speed of your hard drive.Also during defragmentation it depends on the program, Defragmenter. defragmentation process can not be interrupted : unfinished defrag the registry can cause system failures.

Some programs have the option of automatic defragmentation the registry every time you boot the system .This prevents too much fragmentation of the registry: The best way to deal with the slowdown of access to the system registry - is prevention of fragmentation.However, if necessary, this option can be deactivated at any time.

However registry fragmentation - is not the only factor that can slow work with the registry Windows .Over time, the registry accumulates irrelevant and incorrect keys (records), which increases its volume, to put it simply - litter the registry.Therefore, along with defragmentation requires periodic cleaning of the registry from obsolete keys.

periodic defragmentation the registry will help improve system performance .However, it must be carried out with the mind, because the damage caused by improper registry defragmentation is not so easy to fix, especially if you do not have a backup.So use for this purpose only approved programs and do not interrupt the defragmentation in the middle.

Registry Defragmentation