Backup the registry: what to do? computer users sometimes faced with situations in which you may need to edit the registry.However, if you accidentally delete any desired key, it can lead to malfunction of the system.So just in case you need a backup of the registry , from which you can restore the registry to its original form.

manually editing the registry may need , for example, if you need to remove some program with all settings (even if you delete through the "Add or Remove Programs" some programs leave unwanted "tails" in the registry office folders).Sometimes editing the registry is required to change a number of system settings.

However, if you do not quite understand what a registry and how it works, you can edit or delete it by accident is not what we need.As a result, the system crashes and conflicts occur, which are not easy to fix - in some cases even have to completely reinstall the operating system. Avoid this will help you backup your registry : If you edit the registry, you did something wrong, because it will be po

ssible to restore the original settings in the registry.

So, how is a copy of the registry?Everything is very simple. First you need to start the Registry Editor .Click Start menu, select "Run".In the window that opens, type regedit, and press OK / Enter.Open the Registry Editor.

In the top menu, select "File", and from the submenu select the item "Export".Opens the Export Registry File.You need to choose the folder in which you will be saved copy of the registry (the default folder "My Documents"). Ensure that the local disk where you keep your registry, enough space , because the size of the copy can be several hundred megabytes.

The line "File Name" enter the name of the copies (if you keep multiple backups of the registry, it is better to mention the title of the date on which a copy of the registry was made not to mix).A block "Export Range" to choose the option "All the registry┬╗ .Then click "Save".

Creating a copy of the registry may take some time : the earlier system was installed and the more time to "grow" the registry, the longer you have to wait.If in the process of creating a copy of the registry editor "podvisnet" not in a hurry to close it, and "kill" the process via Task Manager, just wait.

How to restore the registry from a saved backup? There are two ways.The first - very simple.Just double-click the left mouse button on the file backup.The system will ask you to confirm entry of information from the file to the registry, safely click "Yes."

second method is slightly more complicated.It is necessary to go to the Registry Editor, select the top menu item "File", and then instead of the option "Export" select "Import".Opens the Import Registry File, locate it in the folder where you saved a copy of the registry, click the registry file the left mouse button and click "Open." import information from the registry file will take some time .

During restore the registry from a backup, it is desirable to close all open programs (even those that are in the system tray and seems to be idle), because the Registry Editor can not import the keys associated with these programs, as they are involved in themoment.

before hand to make any changes to the system registry or put an unfamiliar program, it is necessary to make a backup copy of the registry.A copy of the registry - it is a guarantee that the possible failures you will be able to return all "as it was."

Backup the registry: what to do?