Tablet PC from Microsoft: Surface 2.0 So much has this super-thin gadgets are divorced, each year I want to buy myself another new product that is more advanced than the previous one.Most of all pleased with the company of Bill Gates, who introduced the new tablet PC from Microsoft .

This portable computer with a touch screen has a name Surface 2.0 , and his work will provide the Intel and ARM.Display size 10.6 inches (26.9 cm).The computer has a stand and magnetic cover.The company Microsoft says that this case - the first of its kind.

Case Keyboard from Surface has two types: Touch Cover , which is sensitive to touch, and Type Cover , which works similar to a laptop keyboard - the keys move when pressed.

The device can be operated with a stylus technology-based digital ink.Raising a handle of such a screen can draw with 600 pixels per square inch.In this screen will not react to the touch of your fingers.

computer from Microsoft version of the processor Tegra 3 runs on the operating system Windows RT.Work tablet with Core i5 proce

ssor from Intel is based on the operating system Windows 8. Surface has a large screen TV, glass which has a high resistance to scratches and shock.This glass has a name Gorilla Glass .The case was called VaporMG Case , because is made of magnesium alloy.

Now let's talk about the hardware tablet Surface.As already mentioned, these devices will work on OS Windows RT and Windows 8, so some of the indicators will be different.

Computer on Windows RT :

processor from ARM - Tegra 3 NVIDIA.The gadget weighs only 676 g thickness 9.3 mm PC, well, plus 3 mm thick keyboard (Touch Cover) or 5.3 mm (Type Cover).ClearType HD display.The battery operates in 31.5 Wh.In the presence of a variety of interfaces such as microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2x2 MIMO antennas for Wi-Fi.Also, the computer is equipped with accessories such as software Office Home and Student 2013 RT, and two types of keyboards to choose from.Standard memory capacity of 32 to 64 GB.

Computer on Windows 8 :

Intel has developed a processor Ivy Bridge Core i5.Device weight increased to 903 plate thickness of 13.5 mm, well, plus keyboard.The display similar to the previous version.The battery consumes 42 watts per hour.Interfaces slightly updated, except 2x2 MIMO antennas for Wi-Fi, - microSDHX, USB 3.0, Mini-DisplayPort.Optional accessory, in addition to keyboards - Pen with Palm Block.Internal memory is 64 and 128 GB.

choose proper computer from Microsoft, everyone can, because the difference is not only in the operating systems, and accessories, but also in colors.The color range is diverse, so women will be satisfied in full, because the color - this is important when choosing a computer.It is assumed that the first on sale tablet running Windows RT.This will happen immediately after the World debut of the operating system.But the tablet based on Windows 8, you can buy only at the beginning of 2013.

Microsoft has to make every effort to ensure that the computer is more powerful than a similar tablet device iPad.There is disagreement as to who will be able to buy the tablet: regular users or members of the business class?Many research companies insist that to purchase a computer based on ARM will be able to all users, but the gadget with a processor from Intel can boast not everyone.

Tablet PC from Microsoft: Surface 2.0