Search tracks on music Probably everyone faced with a situation where he liked the song heard on the radio, but the title and artist name completely out of my head.And as it is now to identify the favorite track?There are special services that enable the search for songs on music .

TrackID and other mobile services

Initially service TrackID was designed for phones series Walkman, manufactured by Sony Ericsson.TrackID is now a standard service for most phones Sony Ericsson.It allows you to search for songs passage length of 10-12 seconds.

Use TrackID service is quite simple: you need to run an application that writes small fragment songs with built-in microphone.An entry in the AMR format sent to the web service, where it is compared with the samples from the database.If the search is successful, the phone screen will display information about the track.

disadvantage of this service is that it is available only to owners of phones Sony Ericsson.His only full analogue system can be considered ShazamID .This service is used in particular in Motorola and Samsung, equipped with a music recognition system.


Computer alternative mobile services - freeware Tunatic to identify music tracks online.The program was developed by Sylvain Demongeot for Windows operating systems and Mas OS.

Search tracks on music performed about the same as in TrackID.To start the program you need to download, install and run.Next, a small excerpt recorded songs through any audio channel (microphone, line-in, etc..). record is sent to the database , which compares with the already identified song clips.

If successful, the program will return to you the song name and artist name.Also, you get a link, clicking on which takes you to the web page with more information on the composition .The creators of the service argue that the program recognizes everything except classical music.


Online Service Midomi will rescue you if you can not record a clip of the song you want to identify. You can just sing or nasvistet ten-song snippet you are interested in microphone , by clicking on "Click and Sing or Hum" on the home page of the site and the service will compare it with already stored in the database tracks and provide you with information about the song.

Besides the title and artist name, the search results you will see a list of users who sought this track before, and several compositions similar to the unknown.Also, you can listen to a sample of the original recording, purchase the full studio version of the track directly on the site, listen and evaluate records by other users.Thus, Midomi service allows you to find not just a song for music, it is a kind of social network .

Other services

SongTapper service designed for those who do not have any recording of the song, nor the ability / desire to sing the melody.All you need - is squeal rhythm of the song on the keyboard .The system will attempt to identify the melody and give you a list of suitable songs.Of course, the search accuracy is not as high as the previous service, but bezrybe cancer and fish.

If your computer is kept track record, but it does not contain tags that identify artist and title, you can use Autofill tags in mp3 files in the player Winamp (available in version 5.541 or higher).Note that for it to work you need an internet connection.

Just open the file in the player Winamp, select the file and click the right mouse button.Click Send, and then - AutoComplete tags.Watch the Status column - when the file will attribute Finish, click Apply.When the tags are filled, you will be able to see properties file all necessary information .

As you can see, there are many services offering search for songs on music , you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Search tracks on music