How do you know the term childbirth?

Most pregnant women are yet to learn about their interesting position, asking that the day will come when the "X". Someone is trying to independently calculate the delivery date, someone once asked a doctor, someone leafing through pages on the Internet in search of answers. There are several ways in which you can find delivery date, but none of them can not give 100% results. It's all about the peculiarities of each of the female body, environmental factors or a combination of all causes. However, a rough approximate date can be set independently or by contacting a doctor to know on what date to navigate.

Medical examination
A qualified gynecologist at primary inspection women getting up on the account , in consultation , sets not only the fact of pregnancy , but the exact date . But only if passed at least 3 weeks since conception. The uterus begins to change shape from spherical to pear-shaped , increasing in size . In accordance with these dimensions specialist determines the duration of pregnancy . Aft
er its establishment once calculated the estimated date of delivery .

Most experts expect the term in accordance with the fact that full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks. Taking as input data woman's menstrual cycle and pregnancy term, is calculated and the approximate date of birth. From the first day of menstruation preceding pregnancy, consuming 2 months and 3 weeks to obtain approximate date of delivery. The problem with this method is that the menstrual cycle is not always normalized, is impaired or not terminated in the first trimester of pregnancy, that does not determine with certainty the expected date of birth.

The menstrual cycle has an average duration of 28-32 days . In cases where the woman does not follow the cycle does not know at what point in ovulation ( release of an egg ) , the accuracy of the date of conception can be detected by ultrasound , as well as the delivery date .

US gives the most accurate results in determining the date of birth in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, the fetus is just beginning to take shape and has a certain fixed size , which is determined by the approximate date of conception and childbirth. In the second trimester, the baby has individual dimensions, and, therefore, to establish the most complete time of his birth is not possible.

During the inspection, the expert also drew attention to what the account of a woman coming generations . For second and subsequent generations often begins at week 37-38 . Approximate time gynecologist calculates , based on the individual characteristics of women . Deliveries for a period of 37 weeks are the norm , not the disease. At this point, the child is already fully formed and viable.

In the third trimester experienced doctor can determine the exact date of birth is almost at the examination. The basis is abdominal circumference with the physiological characteristics of pregnant (completeness , or underweight ) , and the location of the bottom of the uterus. The longer , the more the uterus . Immediately after 10-12 weeks before the birth of the uterus is at the bottom of the navel (5-7 cm) .

First stir
No matter what term was exposed in the first trimester , it is confirmed or disproved with the first stirring of a baby in the womb. For the first time a woman feels the movement of handle or feet inside at 18-20 weeks , which is the norm . In cases where there is suspicion of complications with the baby's health , the first stirring may be later .

Woman having a first pregnancy , feeling the first tremors later than those who are not the first birth. Gynecologist , noting the date of the first stirring of the map in the pregnant woman, consults further with the expected birth date . Since the full period of gestation of the child is 40 weeks , by the date of the first movement of the baby add another 20 weeks. The exact date of birth can not identify the doctor , so the date on which begins , is the date of the supposed ovulation.

A few days before the expected birth should visit a doctor for examination. In cases where the pregnancy was normal , the degree of opening of the uterus is possible to determine the exact date of birth. Thus , the uterus begins in nulliparous prepared for 3-5 days , gradually revealing . Doctor during the inspection notice. In multiparous uterus is disclosed promptly, but the term usually put 1-2 weeks earlier . Only a small percentage of women giving birth in exactly calculated time, which is also the norm.