How to print to a printer printer is a peripheral device that is designed to transfer graphics or text from the email to the physical media, usually in small numbers.After purchasing such a device many question, how to print to a printer .

Suppose you connected the camera to your computer, install the necessary software (driver), and now you have a need for something to print.

should start with the text printing. absolutely every modern editor has a function of printing .To call it, you must enter the menu «File» , where you should select «Print» .In addition, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P .A dialog box appears in which you need to specify the model of your printer, number of copies, page numbers and other parameters.Also, if you click on the button «Properties» , it is possible to choose the print quality, and specify the type of paper.

should also talk about specifying pages to print.If you need to selectively print a few pages, you just need a comma-separated list of numbers.You can also set the whol

e hyphenated ranges, for example, if you need 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10 pages, simply enter «1-3,8-10» .

As is known, large documents may consist of a large number of sections.It is said that the office suites is possible to print this section, regardless of the page number.For example, to print the third partition will need to enter «s3» .In addition, print on a printer a document can be within one such section.For example, you need first to fifth page of the fourth section, then enter «p1s4-p5s4» .

As printing photos , then this will require a printer that supports this kind of work, and a special photo paper, which can be matte or glossy.Next, select the desired image, it is enough to simply right-click on the desired file and from the context menu select «Print» .Fasting on this dialog box appears Masters Print , where you should select «Print setup» .Now, in the "Media" select the type of «Photographic» and click «Next» .The next step will need to select the size of photos, as well as to determine its placement on the worksheet.

However, it is better not to use the standard Print Master, and give preference to specialized programs for viewing images .The fact that they are more convenient to print on a photo printer, moreover, with such programs can easily compose several images on the same sheet.

also worth mentioning that in addition to the text, photos, or simple images, even print various drawings.However, they are mostly used a large format printers , any special plotters , even the ability to print on sheets with A0.

Finally it should be said that if you can not make a print on the printer , the reason may be weight: Improper connection of the device or need to reinstall the drivers.If this is OK, then the on-screen dialog box with information about the absence of paper in the printer, or the necessary amount of ink.Be sure to watch out for, so that the cartridges have always been charged and their contents do not dry up, as it can threaten costly repairs.

How to print to a printer