How to set a password on the computer The most common way to protect information on your computer is to install a password on it.Such a procedure is mandatory should be made on all computers in organizations and ordinary users.In this article we will tell, how to set a password on the computer .It's pretty easy and will not take much of your time.

must first come up with the password itself .It should be noted that it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.It is not recommended to use as a password own name, date of birth or any other personal information.Furthermore, one need not use the words "Password», «Password» or «Netparolya".The fact that when attempting to break into a computer hackers using special software first checks these embodiments passwords.It is worth emphasizing that it is desirable to come up with a comprehensive password that will consist of both letters and of the digital characters.In Windows total length of the password should be at least six characters.

A password was a some abstract concept or definition

is not related to the type of activity the user or his biography.As a very simple way you can take any book and open it to a random page and use the first available word.For greater reliability, you can add it to the current date.

Now that invented the character set, you can set a password on the computer.Go to the menu «Start» , continue to press the «Control Panel» , select the point where «User Accounts» .In the list of users to choose for whom you are setting a password.The following menu appears in which to select «Create a password» .Before you will be two lines to enter the password.During his writing be sure to pay attention to the keyboard, as well as the fact, which language is currently selected.

In addition, the operating system offers to come up with a word or phrase that will serve as a hint for your password in case you forget it.This paragraph does not necessarily perform.At the end press the button «New password» .

To set a password on your computer, do not need to use the operating system, as such protection is not always reliable.Another way to protect information involves setting a password to activate the computer itself .To do this, restart your computer, and during this process, press the «Delete» or «F2» to enter the setup BIOS, version is very different depending on motherboard models.Next, we find

tab «Security» , where line «Change User Password» enter the password that will be required when the operating system before downloading.It is worth noting that the transitions in the menu in the BIOS are made using the cursor keys and to change the settings to use keys «PageUp» and «PageDown».

In case you forget the password, there is a relatively easy way to get around it is introduced.To do this, remove the cover of the system unit, removed from the motherboard battery and a few seconds to put it back.This will reset all settings, and the computer can be loaded without a password.Of course, this method is suitable only for those who use desktop computers, laptop case with complete disassembly is required, it is not recommended to do on their own.

How to set a password on the computer