How to reboot your computer At first glance, do not restart your computer is a big deal.However, quite often the operating system starts to work properly just as a result of improper handling of a computer in terms of restarting.In this article we will tell, how to restart the computer correctly if there was such a need.

Restart process involves thorough cleaning or restoration of memory , as well as the resumption of the computer.In addition, a restart of the system settings, which can be caused by the installation of new hardware or software.

For many users phrase "reboot" is an association with the button Reset , located on the chassis far away from the power button.However, be aware that this method is comparable to pulling the plug power supply cord from the wall outlet, followed by an irreversible and quite a long recovery process, and even a complete failure to operate the computer.Normally, such breakdowns in people primarily blame computer games and viruses.Did they really have caused damage, but often these problems

are caused by improper handling techniques, including incorrect reboot.

option to restart the computer with the Reset button is relevant only in the event that none of the methods to restart the machine software is not activated.

If you have an operating system of Windows, to restart your computer, just click «Start» , then click on the button «Turn Off Computer» from the list and select «Reboot» .

Also, there may be cases when the computer just "hangs."Then press key «Caps Lock» or «Num Lock», and if the indicator on the keyboard responds to touch, try to use the keyboard shortcut «Ctrl + Alt + Del» , and in the resulting dialog box, select the Task Manager menu item "Shut down"where the press on the item "Restart."

There is another option, where the computer shutdown occurs properly.You must click «Power» , which is used to turn on the computer, and keep it up until the machine turns off.The same method is used on laptops, since they lack key «Reset».

Finally it is worth to describe, how to restart your computer when suddenly stopped working mouse , which all are so accustomed to use and perform a huge number of problems.First you need to click on the button «Windows», which is usually the logo of the operating system.If your computer is running Windows 7 or Vista, you should continue to press the "Right" and then Enter.Then using the "Left" and "Right", you must activate the "Forced shutdown".If this were running any program, the system displays a dialog box in which it will offer to complete all active processes.

also without a mouse, you can restart your computer through the Task Manager, which, as has been said, is invoked by pressing a combination of keys «Ctrl + Alt + Del» or «Ctrl + Shift + Esc» for his immediate call.In this case, you need to press the F10 key and using the key "Right" to activate the menu item "Shut down", where again using the arrows to select "Reset" and press Enter.

How to reboot your computer