How to transfer pictures to a computer Today, almost no personal computer users who do not have a digital camera or mobile phone with the function of creating pictures.In this article we will tell, how to transfer photos to a computer , because the need certainly sooner or later appear.

Let's start with the fact that all modern cameras Captured images are stored on memory cards .So take card reader , supporting a particular type of card.Just to get the stick from the camera and insert it into the appropriate slot on the card reader, which can be either internal or external (connected to the USB-port of the computer).Usually, Windows automatically detects the external storage device and displays it as another drive that can easily be found in the folder «My Computer» .

also to transfer photos to a computer, you can use a special data cable , which is usually supplied with the camera.Next, you will need to find a USB-connector on the device.Usually it is located on the side of the camera and covered with protective rubber cover.Connect th

e cable to the device and the computer.As a rule, pre-need to install drivers for the devices that are on a separate disk with the camera itself.Then turn on the device.

Then there are two scenarios: operating system automatically detects the flash card camera and open a folder with photos or happens automatic startup routine , designed to transfer data from cameras.Also, instead of the default application can open a special software installed along with the drivers of the camera.

Now, to transfer photos to a computer, rather select the required files and copy them to the desired folder , located on the hard drive.

Bollywood performed the same procedure.They can also be connected directly to a computer or to get a memory card and connect it via a card reader.

We should talk about, how to transfer photos to a computer, captured in a format RAW .The fact is that conventional image viewer program will not be able to open it because it is not a picture, and then drink the information about each pixel, and how much it got light while shooting.This format is still often referred to as digital negatives.

need to install on your computer special applications for "developer" of such images.Among the free programs for performing this task, you can highlight RawTherapee .It can be run directly from a USB drive, so there is no need first to carry a fairly voluminous pictures to a computer.The principle of the application is quite simple.You are importing data from a memory card to the program, select the desired images and then edit them (increase the contrast, brightness, saturation) using built-in tools and export the image in a more convenient format, for example, in JPG .

There is also a fee-based program as a complement to Adobe Photoshop , called Lightroom.This application preferred by professional photographers, so if you only use the camera to take pictures of loved ones, it will be enough, and the free program.

How did you make sure to transfer photos to a computer is not that difficult.It will take only a few software , and card reader or a special cord .

How to transfer pictures to a computer