How to clean the product rust? you are tired to suffer in a vain attempt to defeat the rust on the faucets, bathtubs or toilets? already seemingly newest and pipes and tap new sparkling luster chrome and red water continues to delight with new and new rust stains that give your plumbing dirty, unkempt appearance. How can finally get rid of rust?

Unfortunately, the answer is disappointing.Completely get rid of the rust is only one way - to replace all the old pipes in the city plumbing new .Maybe someday (well, for example, after dozhdchika on Thursday) and it will happen, but for now have to cope on their own.A good option - to set filters for water purification.Anyone who has installed a modern home washing machine is certainly faced with a similar filter.So why not put filters on all water pipes in the apartment?

However, if equip the apartment (or house) water filters do not work, then to help hosts and hostesses come scouring powders, liquids, pastes.These drugs typically contain acid, which dissolves rust.But after the appl

ication form acid salt (remember school chemistry course!), And if the salt is not immediately washed off, it will destroy the enamel of your plumbing.Such compositions also contain abrasives successfully cleans surfaces and other deposits.But remember, these funds are used daily to cleanse the enamel surfaces of plumbing impossible , otherwise the enamel very quickly softened or even dissolved.

Liquid anti-rust ceramic and porcelain items, as a rule, contain a strong acid, such as hydrochloric and have disinfectant properties.This is particularly true because in the bathroom and toilet hygiene is particularly important.Ceramic surfaces are not destroyed by acids.

How to clean rust gold, chrome or nickel plated surfaces of modern plumbing?In this case, totally unacceptable coarse abrasives, as they may scratch the surface.Therefore, means for cleaning the surfaces of ferrous metals applied only mild abrasives, such as chalk or diatomaceous earth or fine particles such as silica.Also abrasives in the composition of such agents include organic solvents, wax, ammonia.

When cleaning Sanitary Products can use folk remedies and .For example, to restore the luster of aluminum products can be using a piece of cloth soaked in a hot solution of 15 g of borax, 5 g of 10% ammonia and 0.5 liters of water.This method is not suitable for cleaning food utensils, asBorax is poisonous.

brass or copper products it is possible to clean solution of baking soda or , and zinc or zinc-coated - chalk .

Water filters to combat rust Means for removing rust