Terms reception Receiving guests in their home - it's not only fun but also a great responsibility, because you have to do everything so that the guests had a good time.Therefore, you need to take guests right.How to do it?

House Party begins with invitations .Depending on the type of celebration, to which you invite each guest to invite personally or by sending an invitation by mail.As a rule, small family celebrations with friends guests are invited to orally at the meeting or by phone.For large celebrations convenient to give guests an invitation indicating the place and time of the celebration, as well as, if necessary, specifying the desired type of clothing.

inviting guests, we must remember that the invitation should have sufficient time to prepare for the celebration, because every guest should choose a gift the hosts the evening, choose the appropriate attire.As a rule, for a wedding or a significant anniversary this month decided to invite to triumph on home holidays - is not less than a week.

Time for receiving should be chosen depending on the type of meal.For breakfast, according to the rules of etiquette, adopted invite between 10 and 12 hours, for dinner - from 15 to 19 hours, for dinner - from 19 to 22 hours.Tea or coffee, guests are welcome from 17 to 19 hours.

inviting guests, you should also remember that by inviting a spouse, you invite and second.Exceptions are allowed for specific types of reception, such as stag or hen parties.

guests meeting should take place in a good, festive mood to have a threshold felt a special festive atmosphere.Meeting guests, you should be at "full dress", iealready combed, dressed in festive clothes.

If the guest hands you a gift , take it with a sincere smile, thank you.Meeting guests, take care of a sufficient number of hooks and hangers for clothes, jackets and coats that the guests did not get crushed.In a prominent place is to put brush to shoes, and in the bathroom to hang up some clean towels.

whether to offer guests a removable shoes? guests did not feel uncomfortable, it is better to allow them to remain in their shoes. In addition, to offer its guests slippers - is simply not hygienic.

If not all of the invited guests know each other , the task masters at home - as discreetly as possible to acquaint all.Can the newly arrived guests have gathered to present or collect guests in a separate room and there present to each other.

Accommodation at the holiday table - real art.On small holiday home you can specify each guest his place the wrist, on the big celebrations every guest can give a card indicating his place.

When placing guests at the table you should consider a few rules. First, the hostess should sit down so you can see all the guests, but she should be able at any time to get up from the table, does not bother anyone.Second, place the guests of honor should be placed "face" to the front door.Third, rassazhivaya guest, you must make sure that the neighbors on the table was interesting to each other.

Festive meal should not become a fattening guests. feast begin best with aperitif , because not always the guests gather at the same time.Aperitif allow pleasantly pass the time waiting.At the aperitif served usually mild alcoholic beverages and snacks (nuts, canapes, cutting, etc.).

By the time the feast table should be fully served. rassazhivaya guests should make sure that each guest has a linen napkin, designed to protect clothes guest.This guest to put a napkin on his lap, but in any case not made cloth collar clothes on manners bibs.

Serve Guests must hostess or staff.For a small home table guests can serve themselves.Begin feast owners of the house.During the feast You do not have to impose the guests any dish , do not force guests to eat larger portions.

the table decided to conduct Table Talk .Set the tone of the conversation and direct it in the right direction should you.Never complain about the high cost of food guests - that you put them in an awkward position.Also, do not discuss your problems with the guests and their health, your family problems, etc.Try tactfully "cool" excessively passionate guests to engage in a conversation the other guests, but not imposed.

Care offers - it is also a very important step.You do not have to "put guests at the door," but tactfully hint to the guests that it is time to leave, you can.In any case, you do not have to be taken to clean the tables and rooms, until your home is not the last guest leaves.

Some modern rules reception repeat the rules of etiquette still the last century, the other - the invention of the present day.But in any case receive visitors must always be such that they have a long time left the warmest memories of your hospitality!

Terms reception