How to dry mushrooms Canned mushrooms - not the only way to preserve them for the winter.Dried mushrooms, for example, it is very convenient to add to soups.Soviet country will tell you, how to dry mushrooms.

Dried mushrooms are good that retain their useful properties and aroma (flavor of porcini mushrooms, for example, even after drying is enhanced).Their nutritional value is higher than that of salt, pickled and canned mushrooms, as they are digested by the body more easily.When dried mushrooms lose about 90% of its weight (10 kg of fresh mushrooms in the average yield 1 kg of dried), but leaves only water and nutrients are not going away.

are not suitable for drying any mushrooms.Dried leaf fungi (mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, russula) may taste bitter.So if you decide to dry the mushrooms, prefer Boletus - aspen, birch, and, of course, the king of all mushrooms - white mushrooms.Before drying mushrooms, they need to be cleaned . Carefully remove the ground, clinging leaves and pine needles, and the other ru

bbish.However wash mushrooms before drying can not - they will darken, lose their flavor and will dry longer.After cleaning the mushrooms, sort them, throwing spoiled.In ceps cut the lower part of the legs, while aspen mushrooms and brown cap boletus - until the whole leg cap.To fungus is not darkened at the cut, use a stainless steel knife.

Before drying very large mushrooms cut into several pieces, and small dried whole.You can chop the mushrooms, chop them "noodle."Thus they dry faster and more convenient to use (e.g., to add to the soup).To dry the mushrooms evenly, large and small dried mushrooms separately.

Mushrooms can be dried in the oven, in the sun or in special kilns.About drying oven Russian we will not tell: it is unlikely that someone in the apartment there is a stove.When dried in an oven pre-prepared fungi spread on a baking sheet in a single layer.First you need them privyalit at about 45 ° C, and when the mushrooms dry up and cease to be sticky, raise the temperature to 75-80 ° C.How long does it take to dry the mushrooms have to find out empirically.If mushrooms of different sizes and dries unevenly - remove them, and the rest of the way finally dried.To mushrooms evaporated during drying in the oven does not close the door to the end, and periodically remove the pan with mushrooms and ventilate them - they will retain their color and Bree.

can also dried mushrooms in the sun.For this nanizhite them to strings and hang it in a well-ventilated place.It must be protected from dust, direct sunlight and rain.You can also expand the mushrooms in a single layer on thick paper, dry board, cloth or tray (but do not use an iron pan - it will help to avoid blackening of sintering and fungi).Mushrooms are dried for several days.If you are not sure of their availability, you can dry the mushrooms in the oven.

How to determine the readiness of dried mushrooms? Properly dried mushrooms bend but do not break.They are not brittle when bent slightly sprung.If the fungus is easy to bend and seems wet - he -cured , and the storage can rot and mold.Excessively mushrooms too hard and brittle, can fall apart.They have worse taste, so it is best to grind them mushroom powder.

To prepare mushroom powder , Peremel dried mushrooms using coffee grinders.You can add them 5-10% of fine salt for better storage and a variety of spices and dried herbs.The body is easier to digest mushroom powder than just pieces of mushrooms.Also, it is convenient to use, and during storage takes up less space.Mushroom powder is stored in a metal or glass jar, sealed it shut.

Dried mushrooms are stored in boxes (pre-laid out with clean wrapping paper), paper bags, canvas bags and cans (glass or metal). Dried mushrooms perfectly absorbs water and odors. Therefore the room where you store the dried mushrooms, should be well ventilated, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 75%.Optimal temeratura storage of dried mushrooms - 7 ° C.Do not store the dried mushrooms with silnopahnuschih products.Periodically iterate over the dried mushrooms, throwing rotten and moldy.

Also by drying mushrooms can be harvested, and other products, such as fish.

How to dry mushrooms