How to choose a humidifier? humidifier is necessary in order to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room.Especially useful humidifier for families with small children. How to choose a humidifier not make a mistake, tell the Soviet Union.

Why do I need a humidifier? fact that dry air dries the skin in the room, compromising its state and causing early aging.If the room is insufficient moisture dries and irritates the mucous membranes, infection more easily penetrate into the body, and increases the risk of respiratory diseases.Especially dangerous dry air for small children with a gentle and sensitive skin and mucous membranes.Due to lack of moisture rassyhaetsya wood (furniture, flooring, musical instruments).Dry air also adversely affects domestic animals and plants.

To avoid all these problems, you need to choose the right humidifier. Humidifier helps to maintain the necessary level of humidity in the enclosed space.Humidifier is not necessary to specially mounted, this device is mobile.It can work around the cloc

k, feeding from the usual outlets of 220 volts.This device is characterized by low noise level, which is important if in the same room sleeps small child.

So how to choose a humidifier?First of all, you need to decide the type of humidifier. Traditional moisturizers (humidifiers cold type) humidify the air naturally.The humidifier tank is filled with water flowing into the sump at special moisturizing toner.Through the cartridge drives the air with the help of built-in fan and thus moistened and cleaned of dust.The cartridge has antibacterial impregnation, its life - 2-3 months.

Regulation humidity occurs naturally: the higher the humidity of the room, the slower the water evaporates.Supported humidified to 60%.If you decide to choose a humidifier cold type, it is useful to be aware that by setting a special capsule with an aromatic substance, you can enjoy aromatherapy.

You can also select the type of the steam humidifier.The principle of operation of the steam humidifier same as that of the electric kettle.Water is brought to a boil and when boiling starts to evaporate rapidly.To the humidity does not exceed the optimum, a steam humidifier is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission (humidity sensor).Upon reaching the optimum moisture the humidifier off.

Steam humidifiers can be used for medical inhalation , but it needs special nozzle.A significant disadvantage of steam humidifiers - high power consumption.If you decide to choose the type of the steam humidifier, keep in mind that the steam temperature - 50-60 ° C, so be careful when the humidifier is in a room where there is a small child.

Ultrasonic humidifiers work by converting electrical into mechanical vibrations.Water is poured into the tank, and then goes to a special ultrasonic membrane.Due to the vibrations of the membrane splits water into tiny droplets - mist is formed.The fan creates a flow of air that carries the dust outside, where it is transformed into a cool wet steam, which is absolutely safe for health.If you are afraid that the room temperature decreases, you can choose a moisturizer with a function of warm steam, or preheat water.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are equipped with hydrostatic transmission, noiseless and consume little power.In the absence of water the humidifier is turned off by himself.Humidity is adjusted from 40 to 70% by hand.The filter cartridge cleans the water of impurities, and some models are equipped with a rotating spray , allowing couples to send in any direction.So there are good reasons to choose the type of ultrasonic humidifier.

If you want to simultaneously humidify and purify the air, you can not choose a humidifier and air washer .It is equipped with a plastic disk with complex hydrodynamic shape.The discs rotate in a water tank.When the device enters the dusty air, built-in pre-ionization charges the dust particles, they settle on the disks, and then they wash off water.The pallet located ionizing elements - they fight bacteria and germs.Cleaning the air moistens the air, cleans it does not need replacement filters, and operates almost silently.It allows you to reach the humidity to 60%.

There are also so-called climate systems .They allow you to clean the air through a system of filters, moisten it on the basis of traditional humidifiers, ionize the air with the help of built-in ionizer (this is very important for areas with a lot of office equipment) and flavoring it.Climate systems are multifunctional and mobile support humidity up to 60%.However, they require periodic replacement of filters.

What humidifier to choose - it's just your decision.However, we hope that the information we provided about the different types of humidifiers help you never wonder "How to choose a humidifier?"

How to choose a humidifier?