How to get rid of constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation - so often a problem among pregnant women . Every fourth woman being in joyful anticipation of the baby , faced with this nuisance . Constipation - this is a rare or dry stools ( at least three times a week) . Expectant mother falls into confusion : how to cope with this trouble , when virtually all medications , and some products can not eat it ? Let's try to sort out this issue .

Causes of constipation in pregnancy
Problems with a chair can cause concern to women throughout the pregnancy.
  1. Constipation in the first half of pregnancy.Progesterone - the main culprit of bowel problems in early pregnancy . It was under the influence of this hormone is relaxation of smooth muscles. The action of progesterone is distributed primarily on the uterus , but the pass falls and intestines . It should be noted early toxicosis , as a source of problems with the bowels. That it causes dehydration of the female body , and as a result , frequent constipation .
  2. Constipation during the second half of pregnancy.Most often, constipation start to disturb a woman in the second half of pregnancy. The main reason for arising problems is squeezing the intestines of growing uterus . For whatever reasons include low motor activity of women. If a girl before cherished pregnancy have different diets , then with the onset of a joyous time in her life , she can relax and start using harmful products , which can also cause constipation.
Problems with bowel and causes oral iron . They are often prescribed to patients anemia. However, today there are drugs with trivalent iron ( divalent alternative ) , in which there is no such side effect.

The dangers of constipation in pregnancy
Constipation in any case can not be ignored, because they pose many dangers for the mother.

Firstly, constipation - this is the main reason for the violation of natural intestinal microflora . Consequently microbes which easily penetrate to the urinary tract , genitals and infect may cause vaginitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina .

Secondly, intoxication can cause headaches and muscle pain, as well as cause sleep disturbance.

Thirdly, constipation adversely affect the skin.

In order not to cause any unwanted effects of constipation, you should know exactly how to deal with it.

Basic rules of supply pregnant constipation
  1. Eat as much fiber: bread from wheat flour, buckwheat and oats.
  2. Include in the diet of beets, prunes, dried apricots.
  3. Eat more fresh fruits, berries, vegetables (300 ... 500 g per day).
  4. Fill the salad with olive oil.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. It should limit consumption of refined products.
Movement - the key to well-being!
If the doctor does not restrict you in sports, try to move more.

It is important!
The main thing - do not give your body an unnecessary burden.

When you need it requires specialist advice
Unfortunately, not always the normalization of the diet leads to a guaranteed positive effect. In the case where the diet is not enough , it is better to consult a specialist . Tablets , suppositories , and other means of constipation should be appointed physician . Traditional medicine can be very dangerous during pregnancy . Do not set yourself herbal therapy , be sure to consult a specialist.

Prevention of constipation during pregnancy is closely associated with the normalization of diet, drinking regime and adequate daily physical activity. Guaranteed funds from constipation during pregnancy , unfortunately not. In more complex cases, treatment should appoint an expert .