Feng Shui bedroom Nowadays principles of ancient Chinese teachings of "feng shui" is increasingly taken into account in the regeneration of his home or workplace.Especially important to respect "Feng Shui" in the bedroom - a place intended for rest and relaxation.

probably rarely on domestic spaces have not yet heard of feng shui.This Chinese practice of its main aim is to find and use for the benefit of human favorable flow of qi - the energy that permeates the entire universe.

Dream - a vital need of the human body, without which there is no proper rest all its systems.It is not surprising that the creation of comfortable and favorable conditions for sleep - a very important task.

The way circulates qi energy in the bedroom depends on being asleep, and if the bedroom is designed for spouses - and the marital relationship.Proper positioning of objects in the bedroom helps regulate the flow of energy, balances the "yin" and "yang" - male and female.

If the room for the bedroom is not already selected, then you have t

he opportunity to choose the room with the principles of Feng Shui.For example, spouses who wish to breathe in his love life new energy, Feng Shui recommends to choose for the bedroom, oriented to the north.

northwesterly direction suitable for the bedroom of spouses who wish to maintain stability in their relations and west - for those who want to add to your life a little romance."South" bedroom add "fire" marital relationships, but for sound sleep, she is not very suitable.

bedrooms preferable to take the room farthest from the entrance, so that nothing interfered with tranquility.It is undesirable that the bedroom was in a room adjacent to the bathroom or kitchen - it will bring trouble.

Decorated small size bedroom is better to use bright, light colors, and for a large bedroom - brighter, more saturated.Of great importance is the selection and installation of the bed.If the bed is for spouses, the mattress should be large, one-piece, otherwise inevitable parting.

size beds are also to be favorable: 1500h2200 mm 1900h2200 mm 2200h2400 mm.The headboard should be moderately high, and its form affects the lives sleeping.For example, semi-circular or oval metal backrest suitable for beds businessmen or officials, and couples they promise a rich and varied love life.Persistence couples present "earthly" headboard - rectangular.

great importance is the location of the bed with respect to the doors and windows of the room.The bed should not be placed so that the legs sleeping "looked" at the door - it is a very unfavorable situation ("situation of the deceased").Best of all, when the bed headboard rests against the wall, but if you need to put a bed near the window, then at night it has curtain blackout curtains.

Even if the bed according to the rules of feng shui is well, but behind the wall in front of her are a powerful electric appliances such as a refrigerator or television, it is better to move the bed.Electromagnetic waves emitted by such devices, actively affect the sleeping man, freely penetrating through walls, and prevent healthy sleep.

not be abused in the bedroom mirror.According to feng shui, the mirror is able to reflect the energy.Hung opposite the door to the bedroom, the mirror will "push" the qi of a bedroom, a mirror reflecting the bed, and will reflect the negative energy that is released during sleep.

If the mirror in the bedroom is located adversely and it is not possible to move, then neutralize its negative impact may be using blankets, screens, or potted plants.

Above the bed can not hang high, especially heavy objects: hanging lockers, shelves, lamps, massive picture frames.Poor as if the bed is located under the cross bar.These items are "pressured" the sleeping and can cause restless sleep.

better that the furniture in the bedroom had rounded corners.If the furniture still has rough edges, it is necessary to arrange it so that the corners are "watched" on the bed, otherwise there will be "dangerous boom."

Feng Shui bedroom