Make Website Templates Website design can be beautiful and not very expensive or free, exclusive or template.Nowadays site design template exists a huge amount.Ready-made design templates

sites there are both free and paid, for every taste.However, they all have a huge disadvantage - they are not unique.Even if you bought a template, it can buy and someone else.

How can that be, if you want to have your own website and order a website design in a professional studio you can not afford?You can and should try to make your own design template for your site.Template - is a kind of blank page layout of your web project, then you fill in the desired content.

So, where to start. first step - pre careful consideration of how you want to see your website design may seem superfluous.But only at first glance.It is better to draw the future design on paper to experiment with various options and then start working in a graphics editor.

next step , as you may have guessed, is drawing the design in a graphics editor.Which in this c

ase the editor choose - a matter of personal tastes and preferences.The most common graphics package - Adobe Phohtoshop , therefore, consider creating a template website design will be on its example.

Pages of your future site will be a table cell, if you use the table layout or blocks if the block.Put your drawn design layout site in these cells or blocks - this is the next step in creating a site template.To do this one must divide the whole image into several parts, the number and size of the relevant cells or blocks.

Adobe Phohtoshop The program has a special tool for cutting image - Slice Tool .With this tool, just like a knife cut the image to the desired number of pieces.It should be borne in mind that in filling some of the text or table cell blocks on the page can be "pulled".Therefore, these cells need to cut out pieces of the image so that when copying they do not give the impression tiles.

When the image is cut into the required number of parts you need to keep it.The program Adobe Phohtoshop do it easily.The menu File need to select Save for Web devices .In the dialog box, select the type of file «HTML & amp; images», specify the file name «index.htm» or «index.html» (extension .htm preferred) and save the file to the root folder of your future site.If everything was done correctly, it will appear in the folder corresponding to the index.html file and catalog images.The images just will be all cut pieces of the image.

What's next?We can only edit the file index.html so that when filling out his text did not work breaks or white streaks image.To avoid such problems, you need to choose what image cells should be the background, which cells will be stretched or combined.Do not despair if you have not managed to perfect the first time the image you want to cut, you may need a few agonizing attempts.But as a result of the design of your website is exactly what you want, and the site will delight you with its originality and unique .

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