How to choose a color for the site Searching color solutions it is important to remember the following points:
  • brightness, hue and saturation of color must conform to corporate style of the site;
  • color matching is done based on the orientation of the audience of this resource;
  • number of colors possible, should not exceed 3;
  • colors used on the site to interact with each other and in harmony;
  • use of color must meet the basic rules of logic.

separate item is to provide a selection of colors for text.The text must be readable, but not necessarily black.Just enough to make it in context with other colors and overshadows them.

When using color, be very careful.Do not take too many colors.

Although it is worth noting that the combination of incompatible colors sometimes leads to striking effect!

The following methods of color combinations:
  • method of using the surrounding color;
  • method of using opposite colors, contrast;
  • method of natural combinations of colors;
  • method of using color varying degrees of saturation;
  • method of using the surrounding color.

Refers to the nearby colors in the color wheel.This is the traditional use of color matching to the eye.

method of using opposite colors, contrast

very well combined colors opposite each other.Therefore, this method is often used by artists and designers, for example, in advertising.

method of natural color combinations

Sometimes unexpected colors gives us the nature.Therefore, the selection of shades, it is enough to look good on both sides and take advantage of the existing ones.

method of using color varying degrees of saturation

very good looks combined colors of the same color but in different shades.Sometimes, such a method gives a very nice effect, highlights the important elements and gives a feeling of lightness.Selection of color solutions

one of the important components in the design and corporate identity.After you design professionals do and pick the color, do not be lazy, test the layout of your site in the future of your acquaintances, friends and relatives.Listen to their advice and recommendations, they are far from your business and from the site building, so can give you the most objective assessment.Important in this complex issue: colors must not tire or accent on attention.The rest is limited only by the imagination and taste of the designer.
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