Review free antivirus Without special antivirus computer virtually protected from malware, even though the built-in protection in the operating system itself.Widely known anti-virus programs such as the «Dr.Web», «Kaspersky Anti-Virus», «Norton Antivirus».But these programs are often a lot of money.For home PCs paid antivirus software can be successfully replaced free analogue , which is not worse than deal with possible threats.

free antivirus functionality usually a little less than they paid "brothers."But the opportunities that exist in the free antivirus, enough for the average user.However, any anti-virus software are effective only on the condition that the user himself the most closely followed the security of your computer and do not open emails from unknown recipients or suspicious files like SexyGirlXXX.jpg..exe.

Avast!Home Edition

Review free antivirus software. This free antivirus developed by Czech experts and is the youngest product range in Avast!The program is easy to install and learn.For example, the depth of scanning and protectio

n level can be changed using visual tools ("sliders"), and not manually configure which file extensions should check the program.Avast!Home Edition is a resident of a standard module, individual modules to protect the mail, peer-to-peer client (for example, «eMule»), Internet messenzhery (ICQ, QIP, Miranda, etc.).Anti-Virus can scan files, memory, e-mail, find macro viruses.

important advantage of this free antivirus - generator replacement database (VRDB).This generator can recover files after removing a virus, because it is usually after the operation of "treatment" file may be corrupted.The process of creating recovery database takes a long time, so it is best in the program settings indicate that the need to create a database VRDB during system downtime.

Avast!Home Edition has the ability to pre-check computer before the start of the operating system and thus have access to the files, which can be blocked by the operating system.The Avast!Home Edition is also possible to customize the interface language (there are Russian).

antivirus software Avast!Home Edition is tested on a regular basis and receives a Virus Bulletin Award VB100%, which indicates its high reliability.

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

Review free antivirus software. This free antivirus is one of the most popular, while it has almost all the same features as the paid anti-virus software.Thus, the program "knows" not only "hunt" for viruses, but also to different keyboard "spies" and "perenapravlyalki."The program supports the heuristic analysis, with the ability to change its depth, and supports command line.

database program - more than 150,000 viruses. updates have a minimum size of , are released daily and their installation does not cause any trouble (the program has a wizard updates - Internet-Update Wizard).Module Virus Guard, built in AntiVir Personal, track the movement of files downloaded from the Internet, warns about suspicious activities.Thanks to multi-threaded implementation of scan computer scan is very fast.

AntiVir Personal is also involved in testing the Virus Bulletin award and earned the VB100%.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Review free antivirus software. This antivirus product is also a result of the development of Czech specialists.Along with the free and there is also a commercial version of the product, but the differences are minimal.The free version has no support, opportunities to treat files and automatically configure "scheduler."

The advantages of AVG Anti-Virus applies the fast and reliable module Resident Shield , which automatically keeps track of the possible penetration of the computer startup, executable and macro viruses, and is taking steps to automatically remove and treat infected files.AVG Anti-Virus also contains a unique certified search engine Virus Stalker, scanner e-mail E-mail Scanner.

AVG as well as Avast!It has the ability to test memory and boot sectors of the hard disk before loading the operating system, the ability to automatically update antivirus databases via the Internet.AVG also supports the ability to work with popular firewalls, for example, Kerio Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm Pro or standard firewall Windows.

AVG regularly tested and receives the Virus Bulletin Award VB100%.