How to disable the firewall Windows 7? Firewall Windows - a program that provides the security of a computer connected to the network.It monitors inbound and outbound connections, making work on the Internet and the local network more secure.But there are times when it should be disabled.How to disable the firewall Windows?

Firewall also called firewall , firewall or firewall .Brandmauer word in the German language and the word firewall in English means dead fire wall of the building.It is made of non-combustible material and does not allow the fire to spread to neighboring buildings.

The name accurately describes the essence of the program.The firewall is designed to ensure network security, monitoring as access computers on the local network and the Internet, and access to a computer outside .Like a blank wall, it protects your computer from external network threats and did not give him to be a threat to other computers on the network.

Firewall Windows not an alternative to antivirus .These two programs usually work "in tandem".Al

though some anti-virus vendors release software "2 in 1", combines the functions of firewall and anti-virus.Often these solutions are called Internet Security, Smart Security or something similar.

But sometimes it happens that the user has to turn off the firewall Windows, going "bundled" with the operating system.The reasons for this can be very different. In some cases, you may need to disable the firewall?

  • user has decided to put a third-party firewall if your computer is a firewall, two, one should be sure to turn off, otherwise they will conflict;
  • Windows Firewall is configured incorrectly and complicates the work (for example, does not go on the Internet);
  • weak "filling" of the computer, or low-speed Internet connections are not allowed to work normally, and the firewall is more everything slows down.

How to disable the firewall Windows 7?

We will tell about how to disable the firewall the example of Windows 7 , becausethe firewall in Windows XP is disabled by default because of compatibility issues, and the operating system Windows Vista, first, is less common, and secondly, in many ways similar to Windows 7.

So, to turn off the firewall Windows 7 firstwe need go to Control Panel (Start - Control Panel).When the Control Panel opens, click in the Firewall Windows.The left side of the window that opens will be the menu.You need to select Enable or disable the firewall Windows.

window appears that lists the types of network you use (usually a private home and business network and public network, ie the Internet).It is necessary to disable the firewall separately for each type of network , by selecting Disable the firewall Windows.Then click OK to save the changes.

But to completely disable your firewall, you need to make one more important thing - disable the appropriate service .To do this, click on the Start button, type services.msc in the Search box and press Enter.The right part of the window that you need to find the line Windows Firewall, and then double click on the left mouse button.This opens another window.It should go to the General tab, click on the Stop button, select the drop-down list "Startup type" option is disabled and click OK.

Then you need to remove the service from the startup .To do this, click Start, type msconfig in the search term and press Enter.In the window that opens, click the Services tab and uncheck the item near the firewall Windows.Click OK.If you skip this step, the firewall will run on every system startup.When you close the system configuration, you are prompted to restart your computer, but you can choose the option Exit without restart.

To re-enable the firewall , you must first disable and remove all other firewalls, and then do all the previous steps in this order: launch services, including firewall, deliver the service to autostart.

How to disable the firewall Windows 7?